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This is the story of a young lady who had this piece and gave it to us. I asked her to write her story and send it to me so we had all the information about how she got the piece. This is her story.

In my 4th year of college, our class took a trip to Ireland during spring break. It was part educational and part fun. While we were there I bought souvenirs as anyone on a vacation would do. We went to a small local store where I bought a beautiful piece. When I picked it out the lady looked at me and asked if I was sure that was what I wanted. I said, “yes”. She asked again if that was my choice. I again told her, “yes”. She looked at me for a little while and then carefully as if it would explode in her hand, she placed it in a velvet bag and handed it to me. All I could think about for the rest of the day was that lady and how she acted regarding what I bought. There was nothing strange about it and I felt nothing weird when I held it.

When I returned home things started looking up for me. I was finding money on the ground, received 2 grants that paid off the remaining balance to my college loans, and found a great car for next to nothing. I didn't realize it was all because of the wealth piece I had bought in Ireland.

When I got the letter in the mail that I was receiving a very large inheritance from a family member I never met I knew something was strange. I contacted many people to find out if something got messed up in the will but everything was legalized and in top order. Here I was 23 years old and I was receiving an inheritance of 3 million dollars. I knew something was making all this wealth come my way. I contacted a lady who put me in contact with Deedee. What Deedee found out for me was beyond anything I would have dreamed up.

It turns out that this item was not only a wealth trinket but also held the spirit of an old leprechaun inside. His spirit was inside the item and all his power of wealth, good luck, and great fortune were inside as well. From the moment I bought it the unimaginable wealth was put into my life in every area. Paying off my college, buying a car, the inheritance, all of it was because of this leprechaun. I nicknamed the piece Sir Jumps A Lot because of the way it jumped from financial struggle to financial struggle just fixing things. After I learned the true history of my special Irish gem the money poured in like never before. I started a home business that has me being paid on thousands of people, I invest almost every penny I get and that has more than doubled, my home and cars are all paid off with very few monthly bills, and myself and my family will never have to worry about money again.

I know the struggle that money can place on a person. Both growing up as a child and not understanding why you are eating mac n cheese for the third time that week or as an adult learning that money truly doesn't grow on trees and everything costs money. Because of a trip to Ireland and a small purchase, my financial life is not only secure but 100% solid for generations to come. If I could spread even a little bit of that wealth to someone else I am more than happy. The saying is “Pay It Forward” and that's what I intend to do. I hope whoever gets this piece uses it for good and lives a wonderful, happy life.

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