Pendent of Vampire Fortune | STAR
Pendent of Vampire Fortune | STAR
Pendent of Vampire Fortune | STAR

Pendent of Vampire Fortune | STAR

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Vampires tend to be immortal but occasionally immortality is cut a little short. That doesn’t mean, however, that they go away forever. They sometimes simply experience a different sort of immortality. After all you may wonder, technically speaking, with certain species of vampire, if you’re already dead, where do you go when you die again?


This piece is the vessel of Mikael who is a 744-year-old vampire—913 if you include the years he’s been “dead” a second time. He was turned when he was 35 years old in 1138. He was originally a blacksmith in England who specialized in creating armor and weaponry. His creator was a young vampire that had just so happened to get into his smithery and attack him. He had woken up alone and without a single clue of how to live life as a vampire.


He had not been able to continue his job as passionately as he had before, unable to control himself around other humans. He found that his urges would threaten to control him completely, nearly provoking him to attack innocent people. He felt more like a beast than he did a man. Due to this, he had secluded himself for almost an entire century, during which, his body slowly became less and less affected so drastically by the smell of blood. It eventually became more controllable and he could withstand being around humans for an extended period of time provided that he had eaten beforehand.


He lived through out the majority of the last few centuries in the shadows, doing what he had to in order to survive. Up until around the time that he had died, he had never settled for a single human woman, particularly because she would inevitably die and he would inevitably live forever—it didn’t seem like it was worth the trouble. Despite that, he has had many… interests over the years until a particularly jealous woman who turned out to be a witch had decided that he was misusing his eternal life.


If you ask Mikael, he will say that he was only using it as any other man would.


Regardless, she had bound him to this vessel you see here, within which he is trapped until he is called upon. This piece will allow you to summon Mikael, with whom you can interact and communicate with and he will do whatever you ask of him. He will likely do so eagerly as it has been a very long time since anyone has owned this item and as you might imagine, any opportunity to get out is an opportunity worth taking.


We have only summoned him one, and that was while we were testing the item. He has black hair, light green eyes, chiseled features, which are accompanied with a husky voice to match. In my experience with him, he is very flirtatious, alluring, and has an incredibly intoxicating aura. He has a way with making it hard to focus on anyone or anything but him.


After our initial testing on this piece, we allowed three others to test it and this is what happened. This one woman, her husband became disabled but he was still able to work and she was able to get him a high paying job that paid him twice what he got paid before being disabled - he got exactly what he wanted.


We let one of our male friends borrow the piece. He owed a shit-ton of money to a booky in Atlantic City and when we let him borrow it he made all the money back and then some with which he could comfortably live on... if he doesn't blow it again.


There's a woman in California we sent it to - a good friend of Dee Dee - who was losing her house. She was able to come back from it completely. She paid the house back in about six months of payments.


The success rate for this piece, in all of our tests, is 100%.


This is a sterling silver pendent. Fit for a male or female - anyone can wear it.

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