Pennsylvania Voodoo Caster

Pennsylvania Voodoo Caster

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If you have ever visited Pennsylvania you will know that it isn't exactly the home to Voodoo activity. However, you can't ever discount magic from any particular place. There is a first time for everything. The investigation that I went on was precipitated by this guy that my roommate knows. His name is Chet. He is an amusing little guy. He is the one that told me about the place where I found this piece. I can't say for sure where the piece comes from, but what I can tell you is that it is extremely powerful.

It all started one night when he was over at my house telling me about this old apartment building that he was going to move into that he swore was haunted. According to him when he first went to see the apartment there were all these "black people dolls" lined up on the porch. He said their faces were painted on and that they had the creepy type of doll eyes, the ones that google at you.

I was immediately enthralled by his story, so he drove me out to the place where the apartment was located. It was smack dab in the middle of nowhere on the other side of a local town called Greble. I actually used to live in a farmhouse not to far away from where the building was. The building itself was in a horrible state of disrepair, but I guess $400 a month is $400 a month. Dirt Cheap for rent in the area.

Long story short, the dolls were still on the porch, painted black with painted faces. I could feel the energy emanating from the house. This piece came from behind a trapped door that was situated in the basement. The house in the area I'm from sometimes have these. There are doors that lead to an extensive network of underground tunnels that used to exist during the days of the underground railroad. It was in these tunnels that slaves used to hide before the Emancipation Proclamation when people in PA were still torn on the debate over slavery.

Some of these slaves died in the tunnels. Some of them eventually made it to freedom. However, the ones that died still lurk in the tunnels and the energies of these slaves still linger. This piece is relatively new so I'm assuming it came from somebody local who knew what they were doing and summoned the old slave spirits to create a Voodoo piece.

My question is why did they leave the piece there after making. Perhaps they were going to go back down there? Or, maybe the cheap rent was an attraction to get people into the dilapidated building so they could suck the energies out of the unknowing person who lived there. I mean these tunnels lead whole other houses, so anybody could be lurking around down, going into people's houses and people wouldn't even know it. It's kind of scary if you ask me. But, then again, that's how Pennsylvania operates. We have a bunch of creepers running around.

Either way, I snatch this piece up. I could feel the energy in it almost immediately. This is a voodoo piece that harbors a direct connection to the pantheon of Voodoo Loas. These Loas are the voodoo gods and goddesses and they are ready to cast your voodoo magic at the drop of a hat. It doesn't matter what kind of magic it is that you want to cast. It could be one that you are going to use for yourself or it could be a spell you want to cast upon somebody else. This piece is crazy powerful and will create and cast anything you want it to. End of Story.

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