Pharoahs' Minds Eye

Pharoahs' Minds Eye

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Imagine if you had the ability to see into the minds of all the Pharaohs that have ever lived. What would you do with the secrets that you are told? You would literally have all the knowledge, both known and lost, of the ancient Egyptians. This would include the secrets of the pyramids and the Sphinx. It would include a knowledge of the entire Pantheon of Egyptian deities. You would be able to summon their presence and magic at will. You would be able to practice the ancient magic that eventually went on to become the sorcery and magic of the Illuminati and the ancient mystery schools. There would be a ton of information that you would gain through this ability.

Well, stop imagining and make it happen! This piece is called the Pharaohs' Minds Eye because it opens up your 3rd Eye in a very peculiar and unique way. This piece allows you to travel through your own 3rd Eye and into the spiritual 3rd Eye of all the past Pharaohs. You will be able to see their lives from beginning to end. You will know their life and their magic and you will be able to see ancient Egypt as it really existed. Plus, you will gain all the things that I just told you about. This is a pretty amazing feat. This is very amazing magic. If ancient Egypt is something you're into then this piece is definitely for you.

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