Pherenike, Celestial Djinn / STAR33
Pherenike, Celestial Djinn / STAR33

Pherenike, Celestial Djinn / STAR33

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Pherenike is a divine being of many faces and by that I mean she appears somewhat different depending on the preferences of her master. She has only answered to one other and that was someone whose name you can probably recognize—King of Ancient Greece, Alexander the Great. Her vessel was given to him when he was twenty years of age; on the day he had taken his father’s place on the throne. At his side, she had helped him achieve many things, win many battles, and essentially build an empire around himself.


When Alexander died, Pherenike was lost, her vessel ending up in the hands of many but no one had ever quite been aware that the king had possessed something so valuable. For a long period of time, Pherenike had remained dormant, waiting to be called upon. We were the first to call upon her since 323 BC.


Pherenike is extraordinarily loyal, possessing a notably submissive nature. Her voice is gentle and harmonic, with which she will answer to you and you only. She will obey you unconditionally and at times guide you if you desire or require it. As you will become the most valuable thing in the world to her, she will also protect you and likely not be so forgiving to those who mean to bring you harm. Additionally, once you become her master, she will no longer be bound to this piece, she will follow and remain bonded with you.

The reason the djinn has her mouth open is to speak yoru wishes. I wouldn't place her in another vessel as she is happy with this one.

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