Phuket, They're Angels, and Very Powerful Ones Indeed - 2
Phuket, They're Angels, and Very Powerful Ones Indeed - 2

Phuket, They're Angels, and Very Powerful Ones Indeed - 2

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We have waited on releasing these pieces publicly, because we weren't exactly sure of the type of entities we were dealing with.  We didn't want to just distribute them and then have them cause some sort of paranormal ruckus.  However, after all of these years, we are thoroughly confident that we have finally figured out that the entities in these pieces are 100% white light.  Let me give you the back story.  
So, for those of you who thought the title of this description was our way of being vulgar shame on you!!  Phuket is a village in Thailand, where in 2006 was sent Topsy-turvy when gelatinous blobs, no bigger than an inch in diameter, began falling from the sky like rain.  Some of the blobs were sent to the Phuket Medical Science Center and then shipped to Bangkok for further testing.  The consensus?  Phuket-- your blobs are totally safe!!  Good news for the people in Phuket, because they began taking notice that the orbs were omens of good luck, even playing lottery numbers based on the appearance of the orbs-- and winning BIG I might add!!  
We were sent some of the orbs by a very good customer of ours who lives in Thailand.  She knows who she is and she will be receiving one of these items for free.  After years of testing this piece, we have finally figured out that these orbs are actually angel eggs that were rained down upon Earth.  It takes about seven years for them to hatch and this September 2016 (you do the math) is seven years right down to the tee.  Guess what?  The angels are ready to be hatched.  
Each of these pieces contains the presence of an angel.  They all been hatched and set into these pieces.  They are fallen angels, but no by their choice.  It was God's choice to send them hear to be with humanity until His return.  You know, try to make the world a better place.  So, each of these pieces contains an angel that birthed from its eggs and placed into the piece.  Now, I say egg like it came from a  chicken, but this is not the case, I simply mean vessel and the all of the angels have matured and have been placed in these pieces.  
These angels provide white light protection, will keep you safe from all danger, will guide you down a road to prosperity, can perform white light spiritual healing/cleansing, karma cleansing, white light psychic abilities, etc. etc.  There are more than that, but these are just a few.  To get the full range of magic you'd really just have to buy one and use.  Trust me, you have never had an angel piece like this AND you get to name your angel.  It's not something you'd see everyday, but Phuket... they are so powerful that you will be glad you got one.  In fact, if you don't you're going to regret it.  It's your one and only chance to get a fully customizable, hatchling angel!
You will get one piece. We have three different listings so that you can pick the form that you want yours in. We have them for men and women.

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