Planet 9, this isn't about aliens.
Planet 9, this isn't about aliens.

Planet 9, this isn't about aliens.

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This is a handmade item that was made by conjuring the energies of a piece of artwork from the Dark Ages.  As we have suggested before, artwork was often times used a vessel in which artists could store powers and magic.  Other times secret and sacred knowledge was held in these artworks.  It really just depended on what the artist really knew and what they had to offer, but it comes as no secret that there was just as much magic roaming the Earth in the days of old as there is today.  The only difference is, these days you don't have to worry about a group of religious zealots rolling up on you in the middle of the night, brandishing torches and pitchforks, and threatening to burn you at the stake.  Those days were rough for anybody who wanted to do magic.  It didn't help that the religious officials wanted all magic in their greedy hands, so fed fear and propaganda to their parishioners, thus creating a hysteria that said that anybody who practiced magic was a demon-lover.  We all know that this simply isn't true.  There are many forms of magic.  Some are demonic.  Most are not.  
This piece embodies a secret knowledge and magic that was created in the Dark Ages, specifically in the 1070s.  This was when the Bayeux Tapestry was commissioned to be made by Queen Matilda, consort of King William the Conqueror, and the Bishop Odo.  The tapestry piqued our interest simply due to the fact that it has traveled outside of France for the first time since its creation 950 years ago.  It is quite a surprise that the tapestry has even survived this long, given the unrest and wars that have torn Europe apart since.  It was moved to the Louvre during WWII for safe keeping, given the fact that Heinrich Himmler desperately wanted to get his paws on this piece, to take it back to his Wewelsburg Castle to sponge what powers he could from it, and then send it be put on display in Berlin.  What is it about this ancient piece of cloth that has people's heads spinning?  There's other art, right?  Well in the circles of the magical elite, it has been secretly known that Queen Matilda was a huge occultist.  So was Bishop Odo, her partner in crime.  They had a secret sorcery ring that they were the head of during William's reign as king, the likes of which has extended way beyond the death of either of them.  
The tapestry, which purportedly depicts the passing of Halley's Comet, which had recently passed by in 1066, was created to open up a portal that would pull through beings from a distant existence, which in those days didn't really have a name.  What the tapestry truly depicts is a realm of existence, which these days, is referred to as Planet 9.  I don't want the reader to be confused.  This is not the same planet as Niburu or Planet X, who doomsday enthusiasts insist will one day plunged into the epicenter of Earth, killing its inhabitants or will pass by Earth so close that the powers of the planet will usher in a New Age of Enlightenment.  It depends on what you hear.  These are not Planet 9.  Planet 9 is a different place in reality, where a race of highly intelligent beings reside.  The source of their magic is unknown, even to this day, even by us.  We couldn't tell you where their magic comes from, except that it comes from a source that is so far out in the universe that we will not likely see it our lifetime, unless you're immortal.  That's a different set of circumstances.  
There is not a plethora of powers or magic that exist on this planet, rather one form of magic that is so powerful that it allows the inhabitants to create whatever they want, including all the powers and abilities they could ask for.  This power is the ability to materialize any thought form into real life.  What this means is that anything that can be thought in the mind, can be brought to fruition in real life.  Whether this means that there is an entity being thought into existence or a power or magic is pulled from the mind to exist in reality, this power will materialize any thought form into existence.  It doesn't matter who or what or where, this power is indiscriminate and will work for those who have the capability to do so.  Lucky for us, and lucky for you, we have this piece that was created with the energies of the Bayeux Tapestry, which allowed up to travel to Planet 9 and make this piece.  This piece holds the powers of the race of enlightened individuals that live there and will allow you turn your thought forms into reality.  
Take a look at the things that this piece could do for you.  You could literally bring wealth to your life by thinking about it and then bringing it into reality.  You could think yourself a lover into existence that will be your companion and bring you the best sex of your life.  You could use this piece to materialize a thought form spell that will cast for you automatically.  You can materialize a djinn to grant you wishes just by thinking of it.  You can think of traveling into the past, then bring it into reality to allow you to do it.  Literally this piece is only inhibited by your own level of creativity.  With this the magic and creation of what you want is literally in your fingertips and only a thought form away.  
This is a sterling silver ring that is simply divine! Check that gorgeous stone out!!!

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