Planet S-XVII, Alien Ascension | STAR
Planet S-XVII, Alien Ascension | STAR
Planet S-XVII, Alien Ascension | STAR

Planet S-XVII, Alien Ascension | STAR

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There's a planet that is almost the splitting image of Earth - though there is an immense difference in size - and it is unknown how long exactly it has been kept a secret. That being said, official documentations trace back only about three years or so but they are rather detailed for such a short period of time. They are calling it Sentinella, documented officially under PS-XVII or Planet S-XVII. The planet itself is fourteen times the size of Earth with a total of three moons, one of which moves against the others. When the moons are in alignment, they generate an aura among the planet that, for some reason, can be seen all the way from Earth by those who know what they are looking for and where. Anyway, this aura is incredibly powerful and it can charge things almost exactly like a charging box or stone despite being so far away. Not only that, the power it uses to charge things with is unique and almost entirely untainted. It is so pure that it can be hard to actually put it to use simply because, similar to angelic powers or magic from other realms, we are not innately designed to use it.


That does not mean it doesn't happen however.


PS-XVII has a population of alien humanoid that are relateable to succubi but with an added ability to transform any life force they consume into anything they desire, the exact specifics of which I won't bother to describe to you. Not because it is strictly confidential or hard to comprehend but rather - more simply - you have seen them before on your own. Many of these aliens are actually in existence on our planet and their influence is noticeable. We have a number of arrangements made with them. In exchange for their knowledge, advanced technology, medication, psychological awareness and manipulative abilities... we supply them with one thing that that they do not have on their planet - us. None of this is in the file documenting the existence of the planet but because every single tribute is documented, it's not impossible to find.


They have taken on the appearance of almost every victim to have every been given to them as tribute. They document the life span of humans and pay close attention to the affects time has on our bodies because it doesn't work the same way for them; they desperately need all of that information to make sure that they can keep up their facade and appear before us all as one of our own. It is not explicitly clear why they are interested in inhabiting our planet when, in comparison, theirs is much healthier and no where near as damaged. We also do not know if it is part of the arrangement we have with them in order to receive what we do. What we do know is that they kill hundreds and thousands over time. We don't notice because they know it doesn't matter what excuse they give - they don't really even need one. A guy gets shot in an alley? Common. A woman gets butchered and thrown in a lake? Tragic but common. Someone disappears without a trace? Oh, he'll turn up eventually... hopefully.


They take the humans and they literally feed off of their life force during the alignment of the moons of PS-XVII. The life force magic that is gained is multiplied beyond expression. Draining just one human during this time could be like draining 5 thousand or so one any other given day and it is enough to supply every alien involved. They use it to generate whatever they want and I mean whatever they want.


From this power, they can create replicas of themselves. They can mind control enormous masses at the same time. They can pull something from their planet and push it into existence here. They can meld realms together. They can empower their bodies to have strength unrivaled by anything in existence here. They can appear in two or more places at once. They can produce holographic images wherever they choose or actually cause something to occur just by thinking of the place and willing the event to happen. They can bend time and even manipulate the events of the past, present and future. They can raise entities specific to our planet and allow them to roam freely amongst us. They can create protective fields of energy that. Our world becomes their playground and they are practically gods when we allow this to happen.


This piece is one that has been created during one of these events. It holds the extreme power of the PS-XVII moons during their alignment and with it you can do all that I've stated above and likely so much more given how limitless it is. This piece is a wonder in itself. To say it grants godlike abilities may just been an understatement.


This ring is a size 9 sterling silver and it is being displayed on a special charging stone. That being said, just like a few of the other items going on today, you will need to adapt to this piece because of how much power it contains.

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