Pope Leo's Chrismatory
Pope Leo's Chrismatory
Pope Leo's Chrismatory
Pope Leo's Chrismatory
Pope Leo's Chrismatory
Pope Leo's Chrismatory
Pope Leo's Chrismatory
Pope Leo's Chrismatory

Pope Leo's Chrismatory

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In the time that I have been alive, I have had many encounters with a number of different people.  I try to go into every moment of my life with an open mind, thinking to myself, "What can I get out of this situation?"  It is said that a person does not stop learning, even until death.  Imagine, then, how much learning I have had to undergo.  Every day is a new adventure when you are immortal because time is not of the essence.  There really is nothing that you have to get done today.  Things can be put off until another time because unlike when you are mortal, there will always be time later.  Ages begin to meld together and before you really know what is happening, time seems to not even exist anymore.  It was at this point I realized that maybe I'd be better off alone, to explore and to learn as much as possibly can from as many places as I possibly can.  Each day is the beginning of a new journey that I can embark upon to make myself the best, most knowledgeable immortal that I possibly can, lest I lose touch with reality and slip into total darkness rather than the shadows where I prefer to live, away from humanity and its insolence.  Gaining as much intelligence as possible is key if you are to remain in immortal power.  It is called enlightenment.  There are none more intelligent than Pope Leo XIII.  

When I first met Pope Leo, I knew that he would make a lasting impression, if for no other reason than his remarkable knowledge.  Any subject that came up during conversation seemed to be an area of expertise for this Pope.  He loved intelligence, so he was a man after my own heart.  Pretty much, it sums up to the old adage that God gave every individual a brain.  He or she might as well use it.  Today, there are too many people who refuse to embrace the powers of intelligence and of the mind.  If you don't use it, you will lose it, which is why I said as being an immortal you must remain intelligent by seeking out wisdom, or you will slip into a total state of darkness.  The Pope has applied this theory to his own life, even though he only lived for 93 years.  Even still, he is the longest-reigning Pope to date and was one of my closest friends. 

Despite the fact that the Pope had taken a vow to God, and he took his job very seriously, through his studies he found a certain fixation on the area of magic.  In his theory, if God made magic into existence and put this magic on Earth, it should not be a sin.  After all, by doing magic are we not just using what God has already given us.  Besides, the Catholic Church is renowned for hiding secret sources of power from its constituents.  I am referring to secret sources of power that could rattle the whole world, should they ever be found out.  Pope Leo was a major supporter of developing these powers, and so during his reign, he appointed a secret cabinet whose job was only to attempt to develop the magical and sainted relics over which the Catholic Church holds jurisdiction.  After meeting the Pope twice, he sent for me while I was staying with an elemental witch friend of mine, outside of the city limits of Munich.  We were working on developing a new type of elemental craft, I was first told that Leo wanted to see me.  I would be lying to say that I was not drunk with excitement.  It is not a daily occurrence that the Pope calls somebody out by name.  I would inevitably become part of his underground research team.  We worked together on many projects until 1903 when he passed away and the new Pope took control of the Papacy.  

The first project we underwent was turning Holy Rosaries into pieces of white light magic that would actually do things for the people other than serving as a constant reminder of piety.  Without announcing that the rosaries were actually enchanted with white light magic, Leo began handing these rosaries out to people and really advocating for the use of rosaries, which is why he has gone down in history as the Rosary Pope.  That project was just the very tip of the iceberg when considering all that we have actually accomplished as a team.  We would meet once or twice a week in the secret chamber that Pope Leo officiated specifically for the development of white light magical items.  All this aside, it was a project that Pope Leo and myself embarked upon on a Holy Thursday that produced the most powerful piece that we ever produced under his reign, together.  Using a power that we had obtained through analyzing the Beatitudes, Pope Leo was actually able to inherit the Kingdom of Heaven.  By this, I mean that we developed a power was actually encoded in the Beatitudes that allowed Pope Leo to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.  Pope Leo has said that it was the most ethereal experience that he's had in his entire existence.

During his trip to Heaven, Pope Leo was able to touch the throne of God, despite his inability to look upon the face of God.  He said that when he touched the throne of God, he saw the history of existence flash by in a second, including the time before human existence.  The pope was taken into a chamber made of Gold and Jewels.  In this chamber, is where he heard the voice.  He said the voice was unlike any other that he had ever heard.  He said it was loud and didn't come from anywhere, but came from everywhere just the same.  It was a 360-degree voice that sounded like thunder and he said he knew in an instant that he had to be experiencing the phenomenon that is the Holy Spirit, which is often called the Voice of God and the voice of reason.  He spoke to Pope Leo, telling him of a secret Chamber that exists under the Vatican.  He was to go there and collect the Immortal Chrismatory.  

Using the power and guidance of the Holy Ghost, the Pope was guided to the secret chamber after he had returned to the mortal realm.  I couldn't really even begin to tell you how we got to where we're going, except for the fact that the Pope was leading.  We were sent down a series of dusty hallways that looked as though they hadn't been used in ages.  The passages wound and wove.  At one point we had to descend a set of spiral stairs, at the bottom of which was a massive door.  On either side of the door were Griffins with green eyes.  When you looked into the eyes, instead of seeing your own human reflection, you could see the reflection of your soul.  The eyes showed the reflection of the soul in an attempt to tell if the soul of the person entering was worthy.  The Pope spoke a couple of verses in Latin, at which the doors slid apart from one another like they do in a contemporary funeral parlor.  On the other side, we found theChrismatory vessels.  It was the only thing in the room.  There was nothing elaborate and no other items, simply the Chrismatory.  The power that is exhibited by the chrismatory is powerful enough to make up for the simplicity in which we found it; For, the powers in the Chrismatoryare eternal.  The vessels themselves have each been sanctified by God himself, not the Bishop, not an Archbishop, and obviously not the Pope.  It took us a little bit of experimenting with theChrismatory set before we could say with confidence exactly what the set does for the person who owns it. 

The Chrismatory has been in my possession since the passing of the Pope.  For me, it was a little piece of our white light adventure together.  I am ready to pass it on, though.  I am sure that somebody somewhere can get use out of this set that I am not using it for.  Again, it holds immortal sanctification by God.  I'm not exactly sure how the set received this sanctification, as it was like this when we found it in the hidden chamber.  It has been sanctified and it is most powerful.  In fact, it is one of the most powerful relics that I have dealt with to date.  Here is what the set is capable of.   

For beginners, to use the set you must fill each of them up with olive oil.  By doing this, the oil will be transformed, similar to the way it would be blessed by a Bishop.  After the oil is transformed, each of the oils will hold a different power.  That's three different powers total.  The power in the first vessel is that of Immortality.  It is a reflection of the Christ who came to Earth to die for our sins so that way we may live immortally in the Kingdom of Heaven.  Only this grants immortality in the flesh, the same way Jesus was hung on the cross and rose again three days later in his carnal form and was transported to Heaven.  This power allows you to remain immortal in your carnal form while traveling to and from Heaven as Jesus did.  

The second vessel in this set grants the divine white light protection of God.  It is the shield of God and it can be used for any type of protection.  It can do an exorcism and prevents possession.  It keeps you safe from any type of demonic attack including those executed through witchcraft, voodoo, or any other type of spell.  It will also grant you communion through which you can communicate with any of the angelic beings in Heaven including the angels, the saints, and even God and Jesus.  Aside from protection is your direct line of communication into the realm of Heaven.  When you use the powers in this vessel, you will be able to hear and respond to the hosts in Heaven as if they were sitting right next to you.    

The third vessel of this protection summons the power of the Holy Spirit, who is the voice and magic of God, as I have mentioned before.  When using the powers of the third vessel, you will obtain all of the white light abilities and magic of God.  The types of magic you will receive with this final power is very numerous, but I here is a list of some of the powers you will be granted by using the third vessel.  

-knowledge of white light love spells
-knowledge of white light money spells 
-knowledge of white light psychic awakening 
-knowledge of white light telekinesis 
-knowledge of white light possession (mind control)
-knowledge of white light astral travel
-knowledge of white light alchemy
-knowledge of white light binding 
-knowledge of white light dual existence and bi-location
-knowledge of white light quantum jumping 
-knowledge of white light sorcery

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