Power and Magic Siphoning

Power and Magic Siphoning

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If I'm being completely honest, this piece does not hold a power in and of itself.  I mean, it gives you an ability called Power Siphoning, but it does not hold any powers itself.  Power Siphoning is the ability to siphon the power out of another being or entity and give it to yourself.  It doesn't matter whether this is another human being whose power you want, or if it is an entity such a vampire and you want its power.  This tool is designed to siphon the power out of those who exist around you, being able to draw powers from up to three feet away.  This is pretty impressive.  Once you siphon the power, the other person or entity will be completely devoid thereof and you gain all of the powers they used to have.  

You can also this piece so siphon spells or curses that have been set in place.  For instance, if somebody you know has had a bad luck spell cast upon them, you can use this piece to siphon that magic as well.  Then, just simply throw it out of your mind.  

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