Pre-incarnate Christ
Pre-incarnate Christ

Pre-incarnate Christ

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You know the old saying, "measure twice, cut once?"  Well, apparently that applies to everything, even things that go on the world of the supernatural.  Then again, it is also quite apparent that everything happens in threes.  Christ has already returned to Earth to die by crucifixion on the cross.  He is going to return at the End of Time.  It would make complete sense by both theories that Christ was also pre-incarnate in ancient times. 
In the Bible, it has been written that there was a certain High Priest who blessed Abram (who later became Abraham).  Melchizedek was the name of the high priest and Bible says that he is without father or mother, that he knows no beginning and no end, that he is the king of peace and holds only that God is his Father.  He was the King of Jerusalem, to whom was paid a tenth of all things.  Sound familiar?  If it doesn't, look up the gospels of Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John.  It will become quite apparent that Melchizedek was not just a mortal human, he was the pre-incarnate Christ.  
History repeats itself.  There's another one of those sayings, but it is scarily accurate.  Indeed God did send his only son, who is 1/3 of the Godhead, to come to Earth BEFORE he sent him to become the Messiah.  Some people might say, "How Apocryphal!"  Consider the fact that none of the scriptures in the New Testament or throughout the Bible itself suggest that Jesus was only destined to come to Earth once.  In fact, he has come before and he will come again.  
Although it is has been hotly debated, some scholars believe that the Abraham was born somewhere around 3,000 BC.  Jesus came around 3,000 years later.  In about 1,000 years we will be in the year 3,000.  In the Bible, it says that a day to God could be measured in about 1,000 human years.  God works in cycles of Seven Days.  3,000 BC to 3,000 AD would be six thousand years.  On the seventh day, he rests.  Consider the fact that the world is in turmoil.  Satanic symbolism continues to pop up all over the world.  
Signs that were prophesied of the End of Times have been coming true in full effect.  I'd say that Jesus coming at the Beginning of the end in 3,000 BC as Melchizedek, coming 3,000 years later as the Messiah, and returning in the year 3,000 in just enough time to salvage a resting day for God before he moves on to bigger and better things would be highly believable.  
This reasoning also satisfies the reason why the number of the beast would be 666.  He comes on the 6th Day.  Think about it.  He is given a full thousand years to reign on Earth before Jesus comes.  That's the scriptural fact.  Now, I'm not saying 3,000 is the exact year, but given the estimates, it would be pretty close.  The whole Mayan Propechy thing where the beginning of the end happens in 2012 when the planets were completely aligned starts to draw a very convincing picture.  Am I right?  So, to come full circle, Melchizedek was Christ on Earth. 
Of course, reasoning isn't needed when you have facts.  What facts?  Well, we have this piece that has been created by a blood coven.  They began their coven in the days of Melchizedek when they drank his blood to obtain immortality, to take the physical body of Melchizedek.  Sound familiar?  They meet every 12 years to drink his blood again, except for the fact that it isn't really his blood, it is the wine that alchemically is transformed into his blood, the same way the Holy Communion is the blood of Christ.  It just all keeps adding up.  Even the number 12-- a holy number of the bible.  There were 12 Tribes of Israel, there were 12 Apostles, etc.  
They met in the year 2000.  They also met in 2012.  They will meet again in 2024.  These dates all correspond with some sort of portal opening or cosmic anomaly.  Either way, they made this series of pieces.  They hold the power of Melchizedek.  When you wear the piece he appears to you.  Of course, this would suffice to say that Christ appears to you considering they are one and the same.  Thus, the pieces that they make, which holds the blood of Christ, allow Christ to appear to you.  It is the most powerful kind of magic.  
What does all this mean?  Look, we are all living in some giant puzzle where sacred numerology and geometry and spirituality all dictate what will happen to us.  What is we could solve the puzzle?  What if we could know all of the answers.  Well, that is precisely what this piece does for you.  Aside from allowing you to cast our evil and to create miracles the same way Christ did, this piece allows you to go above and beyond.  
Christ will appear to you and he will take your hand and he will show you.  He will show you all the things that have come to pass.  He will show you all the things that are yet to come.  He will show you the mysteries of the universe.  He will show you those things that you want to know but are humanly impossible to understand.  This piece gives you a christlike awakening.  Trust me when I tell you, this is not an opportunity that you want to give up.  The truth resonates from this piece and that's all anybody has ever wanted-- the truth.    
Why is this piece so powerful? Look closely at it. I shined a light into the stones so you could see the true color of them. Do you know how they make diamonds on a lab?  They are real but the process is sped up in the lab by heavy pressure and heat. Real diamonds yes, just lab created. These stones real and they were made using the blood and hard gemstones and that is where the color comes from. The yellow or fire shows the heat of the process and that color red as you can see for yourself is the color of blood. No way will you ever find a stone in this color or with this power. The blood was obtained through  Christ himself and is a rare living stone. This lives! This is a one of a kind and we will not be able to get another one. To invest in a piece that holds a supernatural power of not this realm, it would be this one! This is set in sterling silver.

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