Pre-order/ Andrew Crosse, Electrocrystallization and Ancient Power
Pre-order/ Andrew Crosse, Electrocrystallization and Ancient Power
Pre-order/ Andrew Crosse, Electrocrystallization and Ancient Power
Pre-order/ Andrew Crosse, Electrocrystallization and Ancient Power
Pre-order/ Andrew Crosse, Electrocrystallization and Ancient Power

Pre-order/ Andrew Crosse, Electrocrystallization and Ancient Power

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FILE 2929: Andrew Crosse, Electrocrystallization and Ancient Power #




TIME IT TAKES PIECE TO WORK/ Sleep with it on your person for 3 nights


FILE/ Andrew Crosse, Electrocrystallization and Ancient Power

ORIGINS/ United Kingdom

British amateur Andrew Crosse was best known for his experiments with electricity and became especially known in 1836 for his electrocrystallization experiments, which later involved the appearance of insects of some kind. He had originally been attempting to see if he could grow crystals from currents of electric. However, this was only the excuse he had attempted to hide behind. He would go on to have a series of excuses over the years, which he would use in an effort to hide the true nature of his intentions. He tended to keep to himself but this was primarily because he had a consistent agenda to avoid drawing attention to what he was doing while he was doing it. It was only afterwards that he would usually find someone to talk to about the experiments he had been conducting and whatever he may have discovered during them.

History is primarily aware of little facts about his behavior, which deem him the pioneer of experimentation with electricity and the source of disturbance among the community around him once said community learned of his experiments and the specimens he described himself discovering. He has acquired many known nicknames including the atheist, the blasphemer and Frankenstein. Many agreed that he should be locked away and kept far away from civilization.

What most people don't know is that the insects that were the result of these experiments were not quite insects at all and the crystals were not quite crystals nor was he ever trying to create them. The alleged crystals already existed and they were usually ammolite, which is a gemstone made of fossilized shells of ammonites. There was once a rare and ancient entity, in the image of which the ammonite were created. They were enormous and harbored power beyond anything remotely comprehensible to anything in existence at the time.

The ammolite he had found, which there were specific and authentic pieces, was essentially a fossilized conductor that housed and preserved this ancient power. Applying the electric to it caused the power hidden within the cells to reanimate and manifest, which is what had been appearing to be insects. They were not insects at all, they were reanimated empowered fossilized cells that had the potential to grant superhuman abilities if they came in contact with another human.

When Crosse began revealing the results of these experiments to others, people did not react to the experiments positively. He never actually claimed to have discovered insects but the animation of the cells reached other people's ears as something that sounded like an insect. The people who heard about his discoveries reacted viciously and forced him into being a prisoner of his own home. His experiments were seized and he eventually reached the point of not being able to leave his house for fear of the reactions to the people around him.

This piece was among his possessions when he died. It is unknown how he managed to create it but it does possess the power he had discovered in 1836. This piece is not ammolite and it does not contain it but it was created from the ammolite and its exposure to electricity.

When testing this item, I experienced the ability to conduct power using my own body from multiple items. I was able to absorb power and the power itself, when touched by the power of this piece, transformed as well. It became stable and even more effective than it was while previously in the piece.

I experienced the ability to become more in contact with old power, which I previously had not been compatible with. The power was also drawn to me as though naturally seeking my existence, which makes sense because that is the same affect the ancient being had had - it generated, drew and managed power. The potential of this item appears absolutely limitless.

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