PRE-ORDER/ Blood vial Pope John Paul II

PRE-ORDER/ Blood vial Pope John Paul II

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Back in 2005 a few blood vials were drawn from Pope John Paul II when he was in the hospital for he last time. This was in case he needed he needed surgery. These were given to the Vatican and one was placed into a reliquary and the others placed into the what they call the great hall.

We have one vial which is half a vial because we had to have the rest tested. The testing was completed today and I will pick up the rest of vial in two weeks. Shipping for all pre-orders will be done in February.

The testing was done because he was made a Saint after curing a woman of a brain tumor among other things. Since he was made a Saint we wanted to test the results on those who had serious problems that couldn't be cured using conventional methods. We also had to find someone that would be willing to give the blood back and use very little of it. We had strict guidelines and they were met. We asked that none of the blood be used at first and that worked. Just having the vile and letting the person touch it worked a true miracle. Even though results were amazing what if it was a miracle from God and it had nothing to do with the blood? We tested again and again and then one more time.

We are finally ready to sell the vial. You are getting half a vial of the blood. You will not have to remove it but you can if you want to. We suggest you don't so that it lasts forever.

We only have one of these supernatural true miracle vials.


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