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Pre-order Buddha Bones

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Buddha Bones





HOW TO ACTIVATE THE PIECE/ There is no activation process. Simply wear the piece and it will activate on its own.

FILE/ Buddha Bones

ORIGINS/ Found at the Nanjing Buddhist Temple Remains.

This relic was found in the recent unearthing of an elaborate stupa model, which is a hemispherical structure used to store relics. The structure was found during the archaeological excavation of a Buddhist Temple in Nanjing. The chest was found inside of a 1,000 year of crypt that contained sacred writings that date back to the reign of Emperor Zhenzong of the Song Dynasty. The holy reliquary contained fragments of a skull bone that were left behind as mementos of Buddha, before his body was cremated near the Hirannavati River. His remains were split up and dispersed around the world.

The inscription on the box reads, "The Master of Perfect Enlightenment, Abbot of Chengtian Monastery [and] the Holder of the Purple Robe." In jargon of the time the "Holder of the Purple Robe" was used to refer to the Holy Buddha, whereby purple was representative of majesty, royalty, and perfect spiritual enlightenment. Inside of the box were also found several artifacts that were not documented including several relics and a manuscript that was dictated by the Holy Buddha to a secret inner circle (kind of like apostles) that followed him around to hear his teachings.

One of the relics found its way into our confines, so now we are returning the favor. We have put this piece on sale, because we know that it will positively impact somebody's life. The relic is ancient, but having said that it is also immortal and timeless. This means that you could do a carbon dating on it and it will test like it is much newer than what it actually is. This is because the Buddha gave his relics immortality and they can never be destroyed. The relic that we are offering holds within it the teachings of the Sacred Buddha.

The energy that is alive in this piece gives those who wear it a spiritual awakening that brings about immortality. This is only necessary because of the second part of the power in this piece. The immortality and awakening act as a gate that will bring about a new transformation that will make the user of this piece become a deified archetype. What this means in simple language is that they will become like a god on Earth. They will be endowed with a surplus of energy that will allow him/her to be able to create their own powers. It doesn't matter what kind of power they are searching for, they will be able to create them with the secret teachings of the Buddha that are cast into this piece. The teachings are simple and when the piece is worn the user will fully understand how to use the powers that come in the piece. Aside from creating their own powers, the people that use this piece will also enjoy the ability to cast white light healing on both themselves and others in need of healing. This covers both spiritual and physical aspects of reality.



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