Pre-order Djinn of Alchemy
Pre-order Djinn of Alchemy
Pre-order Djinn of Alchemy
Pre-order Djinn of Alchemy

Pre-order Djinn of Alchemy

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FILE ???: Djinn of Alchemy

ITEM/ ring

MATERIAL/ sterling

SIZE/ 11


HOW TO ACTIVATE THE PIECE/ You will light a candle and carefully with tongs or some other tool, suspend the ring in the flame for 2 seconds. Let it cool. Do this three times. After the third time, the flame will have awakend the djinn.

FILE/ Djinn of Alchemy

ORIGINS/ Created By the Sons of Alchemy

This item is one whose origins lies in a covert group called the Sons of Alchemy. They are a group of natural born alchemists who never had to work for their powers. There are several members of this group. It is comprised of both male and female members. Some of them are people who are easily recognizable. They are seen in the media and on the cover of magazines. The fame is what they crave. They have used their alchemy to gain everything they've ever wanted. Then, there are the members of the Sons of Alchemy that prefer to live out of the spotlight. They have mansion retreats in tropical paradises and in the mountains high above the rest of humanity. Their lifestyles are incredibly fabulous, despite their lack of fame.

The Sons of Alchemy are pretty much normal people, just like others. The exception lies in the birth of their Grine Djinn. The Grine Djinn is a birthling djinn in the Grine realm. Every time a human is born, a double of it is born in djinn form. It's like a magical doppleganger. Some of these djinn are born as an anomaly and the become very powerful Djinn of Alchemy. This means that they have the ability to transform normal life into a life of power, riches, fame, success, and all a person could ever ask for.

These type of Djinn are extremely rare. There are one of these djinn born for every 100 million djinn that are born. This means there have only been about three of these born in the United States of American alone. The powers of the djinn are paralleled by any kind of djinn. They are the epitome of wealth. Anything they touch turns to gold. They can revamp any person's life from normal to extraordinary. There is not a person who was born with a Djinn of Alchemy that does not know it, because the power of their Grine pushes through at a very young age. Those who are born with this type are pretty much forced to embrace the powers they are being given, but in the end they all agree it is worth it.

This piece was made by the society that calls themselves the Sons of Alchemy. This piece was not made with alchemy, but rather it is alchemy. It is the power of Alchemy that will transform any person's Grine djinn into a Djinn of Alchemy. The person who owns this piece will then be able to pull the Djinn of Alchemy forth. They will be able to use his powers to bring money, success, fame, power and anything in between. Just because this Grine Djinn was transformed, doesn't mean it still can't grant its other powers as well. The transformation of the Grine into a Djinn of Alchemy is in addition any powers that the Grine already has, it is not designed to take the place of the other.

The person who holds this piece, after their Grine has been transformed, will enjoy a life of extravagant wealth, fame, success, etcetera. There is no type of luxury this person will not know. The Djinn of Alchemy is in love with all things lavish and fabulous. It loves to gain winnings at the casino, especially. It likes to help its human host win things like expensive cars, vacations, homes, etc. Saying that this piece can make a person rich is an understatement. This is one of the most powerful type of djinn that will ever be offered on this website and the chance that one will ever be offered again is slim to none. It was lucky enough that we were able to get this piece in the first place. Again, it's extremely rare!

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