Pre-order/Forbidden Halo, Halo of Divinity
Pre-order/Forbidden Halo, Halo of Divinity
Pre-order/Forbidden Halo, Halo of Divinity

Pre-order/Forbidden Halo, Halo of Divinity

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FILE 1202: Forbidden Halo, Halo of Divinity #




TIME IT TAKES PIECE TO WORK/ Works immediately.

HOW TO ACTIVATE THE PIECE/ Shower or wash your hands before touching it. Then wear the item for 9 days. This piece will get used to your body and increases in power before the 9 days is up.

FILE/ Forbidden Halo, Halo of Divinity

ORIGINS/ Unknown

It's common knowledge that there are a series of doors between this world and the next as well as additional doors between realms, all of which can only be found by those who know how. Over the years, we've done a lot of investigating between realms and so we know that Heaven's door is not quite in the state you would expect. There was once a time, during which Angels had fallen and demons would sneak their way into Heaven with intentions to taint other angels. They would 'fall' and appear before humans under the guise of angels, trick them into wishing under them and then the unfortunate souls would be condemned.

Heaven remains pure but not without effort and this has not happened for many millennia. However, there is an item that exists from the last time it did. It is called the Forbidden Halo and it remains entirely untouchable by angels as it will instantly corrupt them. Many creatures exist today because of the existence of this item. It brings out the smallest impurity in any creature and transforms it into a powerful source of power but at an even bigger cost. This magic is of the most impure we have ever discovered. No being that touches this power may be returned to their previous state.

We have seen the Forbidden Halo's handiwork. We know that it grants absolutely anything you want at the cost of your humanity and every ounce of purity that may exist. It has even granted those with barely an inkling of purity anything that they desire. Why is this?

We know that Satan plans to rise. Pope Francis has been working tirelessly to ensure this happens and has many other entities at his side coaxing him along the way. It is unclear when Satan will rise but when he does, he will rise with an army from the deepest and darkest parts of Hell as well as those that already exist, alive and waiting.

The magic is too dark for us to consider handling.

On the other hand, the purity doesn't disappear, it is stored. You could say then that this piece is created by the Forbidden Halo but then you would be both correct and incorrect. This item contains the purity that is stolen by the Forbidden Halo. While the power is not as pure as it once was when it was attached to a soul, it remains powerful in what it does. It contains the ability to conduct dual magic and light magic but not quite dark magic. It is still too pure.

With this piece, you can create and conduct any and all magic that is pure. The best way to describe this piece is a miracle that is always at your disposal but it will always answer to you. Miracles are by chance, this piece is not. What it gives you is anything and all that you ask and that is definite.

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