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This piece is one of a kind and rare. Please blow up the pictures to make sure you can see it. This is carved from the foot of a djinn. This is adjustable and will not only allow you to see what you need to see but will command the 8 djinn as well.


This item came from a very strong magician out of Persia who ruled over 8 Djinn. He was granted great power but his specialty and what he was famous for was Pyromancy. This great magician could tell the future by looking into anything with a flame. People would come to him from near and far. They could ask him anything and he could tell them what was going on just by looking into a flame. It could be a candle, fireplace, or something else and he would know. Full blown visions would fill his mind. He was able to help people with very tough decisions, see danger coming, and he even helped a couple people find out that they had life-threatening diseases. Because of him seeing it so early it was cleared up and no one passed away because of it. He was truly making a difference in the world around him.

This piece embodies the power that this one of a kind man had. With it, you would become a full magician of Pyromancy.

The reason that we like this piece so much is that when we tested it the item was so powerful. But not only when there was something to see but also when it showed nothing it still did wonders for you. On the occasions when there was nothing to see it totally relaxed your body. Total relaxation fights of disease, cancer, heart attack, stroke, and reduces stress drastically. If there is something you want to see it will show you and very quickly at that. Our team used this piece on about 7 or 8 different occasions. Most of the time we used the item it was to find out if it was safe to go to a place we were investigating. Because as you know we haven't done home investigations in years unless the person can prove that the property is demon inhabited. But we still do quite a bit of other investigations. Buildings, locations, items, people, etc.

One occasion we were going to a place that we heard was so disastrous. It was so bad that other investigators that had gone to this location had died. And we are not talking about just one or two people. We are talking about many. Full crews and all. We wanted to offer our services and help the owners of this location. But we also did not want anyone to be killed in the process. We used this piece to see if it was safe for us to go or if this was a job we had to turn down for the safety of our team members. Turns out it was safe but only if we did a certain thing first. Think of it as a respectful give and take.

This piece truly is something special to have in your collection. There is only one so be sure to get it now before someone else does.

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