Project Sunshine and the Archetype
Project Sunshine and the Archetype
Project Sunshine and the Archetype

Project Sunshine and the Archetype

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The government is never there to help the people.  More often than not, they are out to exploit the very people that pay their paychecks.  Think about it, our tax dollars pay the salaries of all those people that work for the IRS who try to get every last damn penny out of you that they can.  Do you think they care that you are feeding your children Ramen noodles three times a week?  Well, they don't.  They don't care about human bodies that have died either.  You'd think they would allow the dead bodies to rest in peace, after the Hell that they made them go through while they were still on Earth.  That would also be false.  
If you don't believe me, you can look up the case files for a project called Project Sunshine.  In was a covert operation that was run in the 1950s, but I'll tell you right now there is a lot more to this project that what presents itself at face value.  Supposedly Bill Clinton wanted to create an expose of sorts for this project and brings its work to an end, officially, but you know the Clintons are never to be trusted, either.  This isn't to say that I'm biases against the Clintons.  I don't trust any government official.  They may start at the grassroots level, but once they experience a little bit of power, they are mostly hooked.  
Anyway, if you do your research on Project Sunshine, you will find that it was a project in which the United States' government illegally and unethically obtained tissue samples from over 900 bodies.  Their supposed reasoning behind this was they wanted to see what the effects of nuclear weapons testing was on people who lived near them.  They didn't even contact the next of kin to let them know that they would be doing this.  They just went in and scraped away, recovering the cadavers as if nothing had ever happened.  At least, that's what the story books will tell you.  What an expose right?  Well, with all do respect, if our government is going to present a cover-up they might as well do it the right way and tell the public what was really going on. 
I can't say that they weren't legitimately testing for the effects of radiation on dead bodies.  I don't know the answer to that.  What I can tell you is that this isn't the only thing they were doing.  Not at all.  You see, in the 1950s the government was beginning to experiment with a new type of black alchemy that would allow them recreate DNA, essentially making a clone of a human life form, or any life form for that matter.  This happened way before that sheep in England.  The governments of the world have been secretly cloning human beings since at least the beginning of the 1900s, but have no scientific way of proving how they have been doing, because they do it using magic that has been given to them by the Illuminati.  
Either way, Project Sunshine was an operation that the government used to collect the dead bodies of those people who have been rumored to have secret powers.  An extensive research program ensued and they say that 900 cadavers were dug up, when in fact, it was more like 9000.  As if breaking national law wasn't enough, that project doesn't stop there.  A lot of the cadavers that were used weren't just those of American citizens.  They were also cadavers from all over the world, after the government handpicked the ones that they want.  The reports state that these bodies were replaced to their original burying spots.  Believe what you want, but I highly doubt that.  
By scraping off the top level of skin of these cadavers, the government was successful in their attempt to recreate the DNA of each dead body, to gain the powers that the bodies had to offer.  These powers have been set into a piece that has simply been called the Archetype.  There were only ever three of these rings, because the government didn't want the powers of this piece to fall into the wrong hands.  Well, I wouldn't say we are the wrong hands, but I wouldn't say that our hands are the ones that the government most desired to be holding their Archetype.  
I'm not sure where the other two archetype pieces went to.  What I know is that we have this one.  We obtained it at an underground auction and we had to bid a lot of money on it to win.  The price we are offering at reflects the price at which we bought it.  We simply wish to make our money back on this piece.  It holds a vast amount of powers.  I mean, there isn't a power that you could think of that isn't included in the Archetype.  Vampire magic, alchemy, wealth, shape-shifting, astral travel, kundalini awakening, psychic awakening, teleporting, deep space astral traveling, Egyptian ancient knowledge magic, I mean I could go on and on.  The powers of all the cadavers that were recreated have gone into this piece, which means the Archetype has ended up with a plethora of power.  Now, all we need to know, is who is willing to take on the responsibility of such a power piece.  Like I've said, there is not a power that you could possibly want that isn't held in this piece-- probably multiple times over.  
This ring is in sterling silver.

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