Psychological Encryptions | STAR
Psychological Encryptions | STAR
Psychological Encryptions | STAR
Psychological Encryptions | STAR

Psychological Encryptions | STAR

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The internet is one of the most commonly used tools for a number of organizations to brainwash the general public. It's because of how easy it is. Most people use the internet as an easy source for the news and can be persuaded to think just about anything is true if you do it right. I've definitely gotten into my fair share of arguments with people who are painfully misinformed by social media. Anyway, as frustrating as that is, that's not quite what I'm referring to.

There's an internet-based organization whose main priorities are social experiments. They monitor the use of internet by the masses on a general bases. This includes everything from what they view, what curiosities they may have, what odd things they may be into, what dangerous things they search up and what lies they are most susceptible to. It's all about what they can get away with putting out there that might be received and allow them to control the minds of those who allow themselves to be controlled. It's a subtle but extremely effective form of mind control. It's a trance. Anyone can fall for it. The CIA have partaken in the same kind of crap just to gather information. You would be surprised what someone would be willing to spill all over social media while thinking it is entirely under their own free will.

They connect with people by leaving encryptions - codes specifically designed to hypnotize the mind - all over popular websites. When people see them, the code makes them first pick up on the thing the CIA wants them to notice the most. Perhaps it could be a single sentence or phrase. Then, the person they are controlling will see it everywhere - the word or phrase - and it'll further stick into their mind.

Like this, the CIA creates drones. They only feed them more and more information on top of that. Once they get their foot in the door, there's nothing they can't mold from the mind of whomever has let them in. All it takes, once the mind is molded to their will, is the trigger word, which is usually the exact same word or phrase that started it all. However, they choose when to activate them. It's not just random.

What they use is an advanced form of psychological encryption that is actually derived from the human brain itself. It is meant to feed off of the way the brain remembers information, the way it recalls it and the effect knowing the information itself has on the body. Similarly to how insults may make a person angry or inspire a physical response, the encryptian is designed to do the same but gradually so the person does not always feel provoked or encouraged so much as they feel like they are experiencing something that is their own feelings.

More recently, within the last few years, they have taken that concept and have moved toward being able to do the same types of things but quicker, more effectively and without relying on being behind a computer screen.

This piece is the result. It has complete influence over the mind, which gradually opens up to complete mind control. It is a subtle and natural form of mind control that keeps the person you are controlling from becoming aware that they are under the influence of someone else. The reason this is so important is because it makes it easier for you to control their behavior if they are not putting all of their energy toward fighting you. It also gives you the ability to control them more effectively in your favor.

Another thing this piece is good for is instilling memories, both ones that never existed and ones that have been altered by you to make them think a certain way that you want them to think. You can persuade someone into believing just about anything. You can make the person believe they lust after you or genuinely want you, if that is what you want. The longer you instill this in their mind, the more they will 'know' it to be true. You can slowly instill the thoughts of power and magic in their minds, particularly when they think of you. They will associate you with it and eventually perhaps even believe you to be godlike due to how powerful you are to them. With time, if you don't want to bother with being subtle anymore, you can outright control their minds. As creative as your mind can get is how powerful this piece is.

Ring is sterling silver.


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