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This piece represents the spiritual Phnom Bakheng.  It will allow you to open your mind from the Seven Levels of Heaven.  Well, actually, you already exist in the lowest level of the Seven Heavens, as they begin with Earth, aka Bhur.  The other six Bhuvas, Svar, Mahas, Janas, Tapas, and Satya.  Do not confused these "worlds" with planets, because they are not planets.  They are seven distinct planes of existence in which one can reside on different spiritual levels.  
Only the spiritual master can reside in Satya, the world that is governed by the deva, or God who goes by the name Brahma.  He is the creation force behind the whole scheme of things.  He is the one that creates realities, destinies, and planes of existence.  He has created the seven lokas which are the worlds we just discussed.  He is the one that rules over all other devas, spirits, humans, etc.  He has final say over everything.  
This Temple represents the home of Brahma.  There are seven levels on the Temple Bakehng and they represent the Seven Levels of Heaven.  Once you are at the top, you will be able to look over the horizon to see "all things" just as Brahma rules over all things.  There person who has truly bonded with the other lokas in this piece will surely be greeted by Brahma and given entrance into his eternal realm, where power and energy in its most raw and purest form are located.  You will be given energy from Brahama that will allow you to exist in your purest spiritual form, your third eye will be open and you will share Brahmas knowlege and wisdom off all all things and all magics.  
The five minor spirits are also located within Brahma's Temple.  They each bring you a power as a reward for achieve the next step of enlightenment.  There are seven levels of Heaven.  You exist in the first one.  Brahma greets you in the seventh.  These are the five devas that will help you along the path up the spiritual Phnom Bakheng.  
**Krishna is the great exponent of Gita.  He is the ninth andmost complete avatar of Vishnu.  He is the god of thought, who will enter into your soul and allow you to get your mind right.  He will act as an intercessory power between you other gods, avatars, spiritual deities and devas.  Basically, he is the one that will come to you, bond with you and get the ball rolling, giving you psychic ability and telepathic ability to be able to recognize things from other worlds and planes of existence.
**Vishnu is a peace-loving deity.  He 1/3 of the godhead and is the preserver and sustainer of life, as he guards righteousness and truth.  When his values are threatened he will transcend to Earth to preserve his virtues.  Thus, having Vishnu on your side will give you great spiritual protection against all things evil, which are seeking out to imbalance your life with their dark energy.  
**Lakshmi, who just happens to be the consort of Vishnu, is the goddess of wealth and prosperity.  Once you are balanced on the outside with the protection of Vishnu, wealth and prosperity follow, as evil and blockages are fully cast out.  Bonding with this goddess will bring you extreme wealth and prosperity on all planes of existence and in many different form.
**Kali, who is the Dark Goddess.  She is depicted as a blood-thirsty, ravenous goddess, who was born out of the brow of Durga during battle.  She is fierce and there are not that can challenge her knowledge of the dark arts.  She will bring you all there is to know about dual magic.  While the other gods are experts in the realm of white light, Kali knows and is an expert on both sides of the realm.  Her magical knowledge of white and dark magic is unparalleled by any, and bonding with this goddess will give you her complete knowledge of these magics.  She is picture with her foot upon the chest of her husband, Shiva.  This depicts that not even the leader Gods and deter the power of the magic.  She is epic! 
**Durga, who is the Mother Goddess.  The practice of her white magic is unparalleled by others.  There are none that can claim to be as powerful as Durga when it comes to white magic.  She is the Dr. Jekyl to Kali's Hyde.  They are opposite ends of the spectrum, but work together to bring you a concoction of the most potent magic to ever exist.  With these to together, you will be able to rival any power from any form of existence ever.  She rides on a lion, which indicates that she can be a little bit tough to handle, but she is the Mother God and is the only intermediary to her husband, Shiva, who together with Brahma (the creator) and Vishnu (the preserver), is one third of the god head trinity. 
**Shiva, who is 1/3 of the godhead. Although Brahma is the most powerful, Shiva is his closest counterpart.  Shiva is the destroyer.  The Yin to Brahma's Yang.  Between the balance of the two of them Visnhu was created, who sustains and preserves.  Shiva will symbolically shred to pieces, your former existance, so that way Brahma and birth you a new existence.  This existence is higher and enlightened.  Once you have fully bonded with Shiva and he was destroyed the veil of your past life of ignorance, you will fully manifested to Brahma, who will give you the mind and soul of a God, to know and understand all things.  TO know and understand the very power that allows magic to exist in the first place.  To know and understand your place in the world and the alchemy of the soul holds the universe together at its very seems.  Your mind will be enligthened and you be in the omnipotent, ominpresent, and omniscient light of the gods.  It exists on the very peak of your spiritual Phnom Bekheng.
This piece is extraordinary.  It has totally tranformed the life of the person we allowed to test this item for us.  They couldn't believe all of the things that were right in front of them that they were over looking because of the inability to see from their third eye, to exist with a higher soul, and to think with the mind of the gods.  YOu don't want to miss out on this extraordinary opportunity.  YOU WILL REGRET IT!!    

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