Purge of the Magi:  100 Ancient Souls
Purge of the Magi:  100 Ancient Souls

Purge of the Magi: 100 Ancient Souls

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Throughout history, there have been many atrocious genocides. White people killed the Native Americans. Hitler killed the Jews. You have Armenia, Bosnia, Rwanda, and Darfur. One genocide that seems to go unspoken of is an ancient one that was undertaken by the Persians, who attempted to purge the Magi.

The Magi were a minority group in a foreign land, capable of great magic and for that, the Persians were highly jealous. In 522 BC, the Persians almost completely wiped out the Magi in a secret assault. They kept the assault secret so that way the very powerful Magi wouldn't have time to react. The Persians, whom the Magi though were their fellow countrymen, took to the street killing every Magi they could find. They even instituted an annual ritual where the Persians could murder the Magi without any lawful consequences.

Why did they purge the Magi? As I have said, they Persian were very jealous of the Magi and their great abilities. They were given natural abilities to practice all sorts of magic. The Persians had to work very hard for their magic, so they killed the Magi, trapping their spirits in order to use them to produce their own magic.

NOw, this piece. This piece has been given to us by a Persian Witch for means of atonement. She doesn't feel right owning this piece because it was created by her ancestors thousands of years ago using trapped Persian souls. The piece has changed over the years, but the magic stays the same. This piece holds the magic of 100 Magi Souls. When using this piece the magic that you practice will become strengthened by 500%. Whether you are doing spells, incantation, chant or using a magical talisman such as the ones we sell, the magic that you use will be amplified by the power of 100 Souls. That will be about 500% more powerful than before!

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