Putin's Magical Burning Box
Putin's Magical Burning Box

Putin's Magical Burning Box

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At this point in my life, it never comes as a shock when we uncover a new occult magic that is being used by government officials. This wouldn't be so bad if they weren't attempting to use this magic to either take over the world or control the minds of their constituents.

You see, most government officials taste the wealth power their positions can gain for them and they are hooked. Most are initiated or already have been initiated into the ranks of secret societies, they are shown the hidden agendas, and they subscribe to the thought of a one world monarchy where powerful people rule the masses of those who are poor and have no power. I'm talking about the higher up government officials like the "monarchies" of the world, not your local candidates, although everyone has to start somewhere, right?

This is why when we came across this piece and realized that it used to belong to the Russian government, we weren't that surprised. Love him or hate him, this piece used to belong to Vladamir Putin. Putin was a Freemason before his election to office and he has been ever since. Most of what he does is done in such secrecy that very few it any details escaped. He holds secret Freemason meetings with only the top people that he trusts from his lodge. They are all people that he has placed in government positions in Russia. I mean, if you think about it, it makes sense. He wants the same power that anybody else wants. He's in charge of the second largest nuclear arsenal in the world. Being the President of communist Russia carries a heavy weight.

This is why Putin has turned to magic in order to maintain his power and position of authority. Tactics have included magic that allowed him to beat the odds to get elected in the first place, to mass mind control to influence the voters to re-elect him. This is not the only type of magic that he uses though. This piece, which seems like an ordinary decorative box at first glance was made using the magic of a monk whose name is Rasputin.

Rasputin isn't exactly alive anymore, having lived during the era of-of Nicholas II and Aleksandra the last Tsar and Tsarina of Imperial Russia. He is one of the darkest and mysterious people in history. Historians have made claims, but the fact is that he showed up pretty much out of nowhere and influence the government and history of Russia pretty heavily.

There are some that claim that Rasputin was a manifestation of Satan himself, but I simply just don't believe that. I do believe that he was a dark monk, who spent a lot of time developing both dark and light magic. He walked a very peculiar path, but one thing is for certain-- his magic is very, very powerful. In secret, he allowed both Nicholas and Aleksandra raise the long-dead Tsars in order to ask them for their guidance. He granted wealth to the rulers of Russia. He could cast spells of demise against those who objected to their rule. He could summon both angels and demons and order them to obey his command. His power was serious!

This box was created by Putin and his Freemason society in a blood ritual during which a body was sacrificed in order for Rasputin to return from the dead. While he briefly walked the Earth, he created this piece, which holds an attachment to his soul. He stayed for about three days creating powers for the lodge so that way the Russians could extend their legacy. This is the most powerful piece that he created, though. Don't ask us how we got it, because I can't really tell you. It would compromise other operations we have going on.

The point is that this piece affords the person who uses it a very powerful ability. This piece is a Russian Burning Box and works kind of like a charging box, in that you can take regular pieces jewelry and set them in the box in order for Rasputin to cast a power upon them. You will first take a cone of incense and light it inside the box, allowing the smoke to summon Rasputin. You will write down what you want the piece to be capable of. You will set the piece and the paper inside of the box. Close the box. Allow your item to sit int the box for no less than 72 hours. The piece will assume whatever power you have written on the paper. You can only chooose one power per piece per session, but you can use this piece as many time as you want with different pieces or the same piece. You can literally ask for any power and it will be cast into this piece by Rasputin. It is extremely powerful!

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