PYP-Formless in the Desert
PYP-Formless in the Desert
PYP-Formless in the Desert

PYP-Formless in the Desert

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This piece is absolutely incredible.  I have personally tested it and I can tell you right now that it is the perfect piece for many people.  The origins of this piece can be traced back to ancient times, but they were recently discovered in the desert by two men who were chasing lizards.  Why they were chasing lizards I have no idea.  What I do know is that when they tried to chase the lizards into a hole in the ground the couldn’t.  The men stuck their arms through the hole.  Instead of coming out with a fist full of lizards, they came out with a fist full ancient artifacts.  


You can view most of these artifacts online.  There are a few of them.  However, you will not be able to view all of them online.  There were some of these artifacts that were sent out to different organizations for paranormal research.  The artifacts themselves look like they might be Jewish in origin, but I think that is because whoever made them studied the esoteric beliefs of the Jews for the benefit of their own goods or maybe just so they could report back to their higher-ups the belief system that exists on Earth.  That part I cannot prove nor disprove.


What I can tell you is that the entities that created the pieces are not of this planet.  They are indeed extraterrestrials from some faraway place and the exhibit powers that are far more advanced than any you will find on Earth.  The artifacts alone are enough to prove that.  They are a surefire way to prove that we are not alone in the universe, that besides the planets and star systems that we already know exist, there is another life-- more intelligent life than our own out there.  It’s a promising prospect when you look at how petty and dumb humanity can be.  


I can’t speak for all of the pieces, but we were sent this piece in private by a connection of ours who was working on the scene post-discovery.  He told me that this was one of the most unique looking pieces out of the whole lot and conveyed the most energy.  This is why he picked this one to send to us.  The stipulation was that there was one other piece like this the one we got to test.  If we could figure out what was up with both of them, we could keep the one.  We worked diligently of course and this is the conclusion that was drawn.  


When I used this piece, it was sunny out.   I was in the office and it was around 5 o’clock.  The shades were drawn and it was kind of a bit dark in the office  I got comfortable, attempting to make a connection with the piece, which I eventually did.  A beam shot out of the piece as if it was a projector in a movie theater.  From the end of a beam, a shape began to take form.  This shape didn’t take any particular form but kept on hovering in one spot kind of taking on my different forms as it danced in front of me.

I stood up from the chair I was sitting in and made my way closer to the formless object.  It had no eyes or facial features, but I could tell it had a brain because it made a mental connection to you.  As it made its connection, a million different pictures and memories flashed through my brain, but they were mine.  They were the memories of the universe-- the memories of the people who had found life in the universe the way humanity found life on Earth.  


The form spoke to me telling me that it could take me anywhere I wanted to go, so I envisioned where I wanted to go inside of my mind.  The form began to stretch and enveloped my body.  It wasn’t long before I found soul leaving my body, traveling through astral space to the place I had envisioned in my mind.  When I got there, I could feel and touch everything, as if it was all real.  I could interact with the beings there, despite they didn’t know who I was.  Where I chose to go is a secret to me, but the thing that got me about the fact that I could interact with my surroundings is that I had chosen to travel to a place 15 years into the past!!  


The things is, you can use this piece to travel anywhere-- to any astral or time destination.  You can travel to any astral space or any point in the past or the future.  There are no restrictions and this is because everything in time and space has a memory. There is a memory for it.  It has to have a memory because it was created.  What the extraterrestrial form in this piece does is allows you to travel through the memories of places and points in time.  It is a phenomenal piece and has been done through a secret alien technology that was created by extraterrestrials who visited our Earth thousands upon thousands of years ago.  


You can literally use this piece for anything-- to travel to any place in existence in the astral realms-- to gain knowledge and magic, or power and abilities, or peace and prosperity if that is what you want.  Any power you crave can be found somewhere in the universe.  If you can think the power or place in your head, the form will mold itself to you and take you where you can find it.  Or you can think of a place you time you want to visit for whatever reason and the form will get you where you want and need to go.  Maybe you want to travel back to visit Napoleon during his time in the Kings’ Chamber.  Maybe you want to travel back to the times of wealth king.  Whatever the case may be, this piece will get you where you need to go and will gain the power you need it to gain!!  


The piece you get is believed to be copper.  It is a cuff bracelet with a stone face.  

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