SOLD PAID PYP-Four Faced Secret Chief of Extreme Wealth
SOLD PAID PYP-Four Faced Secret Chief of Extreme Wealth
SOLD PAID PYP-Four Faced Secret Chief of Extreme Wealth
SOLD PAID PYP-Four Faced Secret Chief of Extreme Wealth

SOLD PAID PYP-Four Faced Secret Chief of Extreme Wealth

Regular price $ 10,000,000.00

This is a pick your own price piece. You email to with your offer. The highest offer takes it. This will end 9/16/19.

This is the four-faced Secret Chief!  This piece is all sterling silver minus the four faces of course and no ritual is needed. You will simply wear this necklace.  The four Chiefs are for the four corners of the earth in which by any means will pull wealth to you. In most of my listings, I tell you that you will only get what you need but that is not the case with this one.


This piece gives you enough to enjoy life and retire in peace and adventure if you want it. You will NOT be worried anymore. If you don't know what secret Chiefs are you need to look them up.  These don't have to be cuddled and are extremely intelligent! This will be available for a day or two at most for 800. 00 which is cheap. Of course, once on the website, it will be 4,777 but it will have a longer description. The bottom line is these four ONLY do wealth! The focus is on wealth! Wealth is what you get.


The moral of the story with this piece is when you snooze, you lose.  We are now listing this piece at $7,000.  Why do you ask?  Well, as you can see, we offered this piece for the very modest price of $800.00.  We said we were going to list it for $4,777.00.  Then, we changed our minds. Why?  We absolutely cannot get enough of this piece.  I mean just last week, I took this piece with me to the Golden Nugget.  It’s my favorite casino down in Atlantic City.  When I’m not carrying a piece with me, I usually cash out with about 250% of what I went in with.  However, when I took this piece in with me, I played $45.00 in a dollar machine.  Now granted max bet was $5.00, but I walked out of there with thousands, not spending a penny more than the $45.00 I had originally intended to spend.  


Not to mention a little while back, I lent this piece to my neighbor.  She wasn’t my next-door neighbor, but she lived a few houses up.  I didn’t know her that well.  I mean we’d say hi and bye to each other when we saw one another-- that was until the fire.  Her house along with several of the other rowhomes on my block went up in smoke.  It must have been, at least, a five to six-alarm fire.  It was crazy.  It really looked like a scene out of the war zone.  


They put her up in a hotel for the evening, but the following day, I saw her at her house, going through the rubble and weeping.  I tried to console her, but she kept on crying about how the insurance wasn’t going to pay her for the damages that she incurred.  I forget the reason for it. Either way, I let her and her kids crash at my place for a few nights.  She isn’t really one to believe in magic and she was apprehensive at first.  I finally convinced her to just use the piece, what’s the worst that could happen?  That already happened right?  Within 24 hours, my neighbor was getting a call from her insurance agent, informing her that not only were they going to pay for a total rebuild and remodel of her house, but they were also going to pay for her to stay in the Hilton until it was finished.  


Another one of my friends who is always quick to point a skeptical finger in y-direction found himself out of a job.  He is a Lawyer that graduate from some law school outside of DC.  He either didn’t pass the DC bar exam or there was a waiting list or something like that.  Since graduating law school, he was still living in his parent's basement, serving people food at Longhorn’s Steakhouse.  I’m not saying waiting on people is not a good job, but when you’ve paid tens of thousands of dollars to practice law… then isn’t that what you should do. Either way, he was doing an apprenticeship when I urged him to just try this piece.  He laughed at me at first, but I was persistent.  He finally agreed and I’d say within the week he was calling me all excited because not only had he passed is PA bar exam, but his apprenticeship lead him to be a full-time partner in some law firm in Harrisburg where he’d be making upwards of $100,000 a year with the potential for even larger bonuses.  


Here’s another one for you.  I have a friend whose child had been in and out of the hospital for a few years when I recently gave her and her husband this piece to use.  I didn’t tell them anything about it, simply handed it to them and walked away.  Now, you know hospital bills are not expensive, right.  They are expensive.  If you don’t pay them, those fees keep adding up and adding up and adding up.  It’s seriously a never-ending struggle.  Well, I felt bad for them so I gave them this piece.  Again, I said nothing and walked away.  Don’t you know about two weeks later, my friend messaged me on Facebook telling me about how this strange thing happened?  Apparently she had an aunt that she never knew about.  Nobody ever knew about.  She was born when her grandfather had an affair apparently.  Since she was an only child and nobody else could be found, the inheritance was left to her.  She was contacted by a law firm and it was the real deal.  I’ll just tell you that she had more than enough to clear her hospital debt and have plenty of funds leftover.  


On a lighter note, I allowed my mother to wear this piece to bingo, too.  It was just any bingo though, it was tri-state triple max bingo in some no-name town down, just south of the Mason-Dixon line in Maryland.  Anyhow, I allowed my mom to borrow this piece for the weekend.  She took this piece with her.  She came back with a bingo hat, new bingo stampers, about four Longaberger baskets packed with all kinds of goodies, and the Grand Prize annual jackpot of over $3500…. From Bingo!! FROM BINGO!!


So, folks, you can see how this piece is the real deal.  This piece goes above and beyond and it’s multi-talented.  You can see that it is not only a fast cash grabber.  It doesn’t just work in casinos or while playing the lottery or bingo.  It also works to build wealth for your life that will last a lifetime.  It will bring raises and advancements at your job.  It will help you win lawsuits and bring you the inheritance you deserve.  It even helped me recover my wallet one time when I leftover $1000 in it.  The bottom line is that this piece is pure wealth, in its purest form!!  It is a well-rounded wealth that will bring wealth to your life from all areas.  It goes beyond that impulsive need to win instant cash and grant wealth that you can build upon and build upon until you obtain the degree of wealth that you want!  It is truly an amazing piece that you can keep and pass on. It will build wealth for you and your generations to come.  It will build a legacy!!  


This piece is one that you are going to want.  Again, remember… we only have one of these.  It’s still on a first-come-first-served basis.  Please don’t email and ask us if you can still pay $800 for it.  The answer is going to be no.  We gave plenty of opportunities and unfortunately, now that offer is over.  However, if you still want to capitalize on this brilliant power, here is your opportunity.  Just make sure you get it before someone else comes along and scoops it up!!


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