PYP-King Solomon's Bloody Knife
PYP-King Solomon's Bloody Knife
PYP-King Solomon's Bloody Knife
PYP-King Solomon's Bloody Knife

PYP-King Solomon's Bloody Knife

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This is a pick your own price piece. You email to with your offer and if it is the highest you win. This will be available until 9/16/19.

A few months we got an email from an anonymous source.  There was no name on the email and when we tried to email the address back, we got an error message.  There was a phone number in the message at all, so that venue was null as well.  The only message that was in the email was a pair of map coordinates and a date and time.  We even tried to trace the IP address to no avail.  It was extremely mysterious, but exciting at the same time.  Obviously, we knew that the date and time matched with the coordinates as to when we were supposed to show up and where.  After doing our research, we figured that the spot where we were to meet was a mere three-hour drive from, so we figured, "Why not?!"  

The angst grew on the day that the meeting was to take place.  We were told to meet at a time that was well past sunset, so we weren't worried about getting caught for trespassing.  It turns out that the place that we met was an old stone church with cracked stain glass windows.  Looking at the place, you could tell that it hadn't been in use for years.  Vines grew out of the ground and ran up the side of the church and it could use a good power-washing on top of that.  It was severely a run-down, creepy old building, pretty much just how we like them.  
We exited the car, with flashlights in hand and met at the exact spot of the coordinates that were given to us, which was the side of the church that faced due East.  At the bottom of the stone wall were three little stuck out further than the others.  We stood there waiting and at the specified time, a very ominous figure, in hooded attire made its way out of the woods.  It, he, or she-- whatever it was said not a word but got right to work.  He held out a staff and if you can mentally picture what the staff of Moses would have looked like, this is also what the hooded figure's staff looked like, only there was a bluish-purple flame that came out of the end of it.
The figure made his way over to the wall of the church.  At the spot where we were just standing, he tapped twice on each of the outer two stones, the ones I just told you jutted out from the wall.  In an instance, an arch of light spread from one stone to another and portal of rainbow light shined through.  Again it made not a word but simply pointed to the arch, at which point we understood we were supposed to walk through.  So, we walked.  
On the other side of the archway was a rather grandiose temple.  Golden streets led across a moat and up to ivory white palace doors.  On the other side of the door existed every kind of treasure you could ever think of.  There was gold, silver, rubies, diamonds, emeralds, pearls, literally all kinds of precious gemstones and precious metals that you can think of.  There were two pillars that shot straight up into the air with seemingly no end.  On one of these pillars was a carving in a language none of us understood.  We learned later that this carving meant "The First Temple of Solomon."
In this realm were robe-clad entities, like the one that we saw in the woods, only in all white robes.  They said nothing but went to work doing whatever it was they were doing.  From what we could tell they were creating more treasures to add to the vast quantity of treasure that already existed.  We made our way through two double doors, on which was inscribed "the Lion of Judah."  On the other side of those doors was an entity. This entity had the body of a man and the head of a lion.  On the lion's head was a crown of pure gold, which was covered in millions of eyes.  When the lion saw us it roared out and beckoned us forward.  It held out its hand, in which was this piece.  The only words that the lion spoke is "You are worthy."  When we walked back out of the double doors, we were once again standing outside of the church.  
We took the piece with us and after extensive testing-- and I mean extensive!!-- we determined that there is an entity in the ring that was given to us.  This entity is one of King Solomon's original djinn.  The ring is a djinn palace that was crafted out of precious metal from the realms of the First Temple of Solomon, which is the place that we had visited.  As for the lion, that is King Solomon's heavenly body.  He watched over all creation with the many eyes on his crown.  He gathers both riches and magic to be used by his djinn in Heaven.  This brings you many different powers and abilities, as well as divine wealth.  
The powers and abilities that you get are pure white light.  They include white light healing, white light psychic ability, white light sorcery that lets you create your own powers, white light spells casting, the knowledge of all 72 names of God (each one brings you a power, too!), and the ability to wipe evil from existence.  In addition to this, your djinn will create wealth for you.  You don't have to ask it to and you don't need to worry about the djinn finding wealth to bring to you.  The djinn will create wealth and give it to you, just like the djinn in the First Temple of Solomon create riches for his palace in Heaven.  This is a very powerful-- and EXTREMELY powerful piece.  If you need wealth, then you NEED this piece!!  
In addition, this piece is a Djinn Palace.  As such, you can use it to attract other djinn or to house the djinn that you already have.  

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