PYP- My Fate Was at the Freakshow; I Hate Clowns!
PYP- My Fate Was at the Freakshow; I Hate Clowns!
PYP- My Fate Was at the Freakshow; I Hate Clowns!
PYP- My Fate Was at the Freakshow; I Hate Clowns!

PYP- My Fate Was at the Freakshow; I Hate Clowns!

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I’ve never been one for the circus.  I just don’t like them.  Why do I want to re-mortgage my home to go see a bunch of elephants walk in a circle and be scared half to death by creepy looking clowns?  Well, I guess it goes hand in hand with the fact that I’ve never been one to like clowns either.  I think they are creepy.  It doesn’t matter if they are evil or not.  They are still a person who is dressed up in a facade so people can’t tell who they really are.  It’s like they are trying to mask something-- something that’s going on behind the scenes.  


In the case of the most previous carnival that I was at, they were trying to mask something.  I don’t know if the clowns and their make-up had anything to do with it or not.  The carnival wasn’t much expected either.  Like, we didn’t see any flyers or anything for it.  It was on some dusty back road that my friends and I were venturing during a road trip to Illinois.  Appropriately, it was in Ohio.  Isn’t that where all the creepy backwoods stuff goes on?  Well, it was on this day.  


My friend is obsessed with clowns.  She thinks they’re “so cute” or something stupid like that.  Well, when she saw this circus she about lost her mind.  It wasn’t the largest operation in the world, but it didn’t to be.  It was big enough.  Outside of the venue, on a hand-made rickety board was paint “Carnival $5.00.”   I couldn’t help thinking that the red color that it was written in was some hapless victims blood.  


We made our way through the meandering maze of fabric into the center area where I could smell stale peanuts and animal ass.  What an appetizing combination, right?  We sat through the half-hour production of elephants, a few zebras, an acrobat, and a trapeze artist.  Oh, and the creepiest, I’ll kill you in your sleep selection of clowns that I’ve ever seen.  I did not enjoy myself.  Not at all.  I was almost glad when it was over, except for the fact that when we left the circus tent, there was a smaller tent beside it, also with a hand-painted sign in the same ghastly red, that stated “Madame B’s Spookhouse.”  


This was more of my style.  I liked things like this.  There just something about weird-looking freak show misfits that makes me feel better about my life.  I eagerly paid the $5 to get away from the clowns as fast as I could.  Inside of the Spookhouse I encountered many different things.  I was bemused by their lack of perfection.  There was a pair of conjoined twins, a man with the weirdest growth coming out of the side of his neck that you will ever see.  There was a lady called Lilly the legless.  You can guess that she had no legs.  There was a lady with a beard bigger than mine, a man whose every inch was covered with filthy looking tattoos, and a morbidly obese lady stuffing her face with chocolate cake.


On the way out there was a lady sitting off to the side, named Madame B.  She was offering fortune readings, also for $5.00.  I figured why not and sat down on top of the rickety old wooden chair she had set up in her stand.  My friends went walking past with a couple of midgets, giggling as they passed.  I figured they were going to take selfies or something.  That’s when Madame B began my fortune-telling.  


It was really weird because as she sat there, I could hear two voices.  It was like she was speaking to herself while at the same time speaking to me.  Her telling of my past life was spot on, which leads me to believe that what she was saying about my future may have been correct.  May have been.  She told me some morbid thing about a car accident when the other voice that wasn’t hers began cackling like a loon.  I stood up and tore down the curtains.  I mean, who would laugh about something like that.  


Behind Madame, B was a severed head with the most piercing eyes that you could have ever seen.  The heads mouth moved and it spoke to Madame B, tell her to cover her back up.  She screeched something about the light and that’s the last thing I heard.  She had eyes like moonstones and as I gazed into them I could see my entire life play out from beginning to end, including the car accident that the head had laughed about.  I saw the place that I was born, I saw the trip back to Pennsylvania that my mother made with me at the age of two.  I saw all of my school years pass by.  All my hurts, all my anguishes, every emotion that I had ever felt came back to me.  I wanted to look away, but I couldn’t.  I was stuck on this pair of eyes, not able to move as my life played out like a movie-- a horror movie that was going to end very tragically.


My face contorted and I began to scream, asking the lady what kind of operation she was running.  I noticed that not only did the head have moonstone eyes, but it was wearing a moonstone necklace-- a rainbow moonstone.  I kept on, yelling at the both of them at the top of lungs.  “You and your stupid head are both sinister!!”  That’s all I can really remember yelling as they both laughed at me.  My fear must have been evident.  


At this point, my friends came back in with the midgets and asked what all the ruckus was.  I was out of breath from yelling, but managed to stammer on about the head and what I had seen.  When I turned to point to them, the platform where the head had been was nothing but a mannequin.  I quickly tried to reason that what I had seen was no joke.  That’s when Madame B reached out to me, gripping my wrist with more might than any man I had ever encountered.  


“Child,” she went on, “I believe you dropped this.”  Into my hand, she dropped the necklace that the severed head had been wearing.  She peered at me with the same moonstone eyes and I was at a loss for words.  “Yes… yes, I was just leaving,” I stammered.  I quickly rushed to meet up with my friends.  They questioned me the whole way until we found a motel room for the night and settled in.  


That night while they were sleeping I did some testing on the piece.  I determined that not only can the piece predict the future, but it can change the future.  It can change whatever is undesired about the future.  It can subtract negative things and add positive things.  Needless to say, we never got into that car accident that was predicted; however, we did end up winning over $5,000 at a casino during our road trip.  They’re welcome.  


Why Madame B decided to save me from my destined fate I’ll never understand.  Maybe she’s in it for cheap thrills.  Whatever the case may be, I don’t know where she got this piece and I probably never will.  What I do know is that when you wear this item, you will be able to forecast your own future and the future of those around you.  You can these futures as they are, or you can edit them to reflect what you want.  This will help when trying to change a future for the better for yourself or a friend. You can create wealth for your future, or love, or whatever.  You can stop anything bad form coming.  You can also use this piece to rearrange the destiny of a foe, to bring them bad luck; but remember, what goes around comes around.  You can use this piece to write any magical power or ability into existence for yourself or somebody else.  This is an all-around powerful piece.  You don’t want to miss your chance!!


By the way, the piece is sterling silver, with a rainbow moonstone, incase you didn’t gather that before.  It is the most beautifully eerie piece that you will ever own, I guarantee that.  

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