SOLD PAID FOR PYP-The Road to Damascus:  Gold and Emeralds from Heaven
SOLD PAID FOR PYP-The Road to Damascus:  Gold and Emeralds from Heaven
SOLD PAID FOR PYP-The Road to Damascus:  Gold and Emeralds from Heaven
SOLD PAID FOR PYP-The Road to Damascus:  Gold and Emeralds from Heaven

SOLD PAID FOR PYP-The Road to Damascus: Gold and Emeralds from Heaven

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The piece that you are getting came to us along with a hidden epistle written by Saint Paul, who was once Saul of Tarsus.  The Bible gives a lot of hype to the conversion of Saul on the road to Damascus.  Most accounts tell of bright Heavenly light and the voice of Jesus that called out to Saul to plead with him to stop persecuting Christians.  It is said that Saul was blind for three days and that during those three days Saul died to himself and on the third day, he was resurrected in his spirit to serve the Lord.  There is no mention of what happened in between those three days that brought Saul around to serve so fervently.  Allow this hidden epistle to fill in the blank for you.  


The epistle states that for good measure of time, time ceased.  Paul recalls in this secret epistle that his companions were frozen solid.  Birds suddenly stopped in flight.  The only thing that he could hear was the echoing voice of God, who asked him, “Saul, why do you persecute me?”  He was frightened because he knew that he had done wrong by the Messiah’s people.  He had persecuted and killed them on purpose and provided a great deal of hardship among them.  He was a zealous follower of his forefathers’ ways.  


Saul’s destiny was to change on the day he took the road to Damascus.  It was on this road that Jesus cried out to Saul.  By Saul’s account, a yellow road like that of pure gold extended to him from Heaven and the voice told him to ascend.  Not knowing what to do, Saul obeyed the command.  He trekked up the yellow road that stretched out before him into the Heavens.  At the apex of his climb was a large pyramid with a single eye at the top of it.  Inscribed on the pyramid were the words “Est Scientia Day,” which means, “God Is Knowledge.” The pyramid did not move, but it breathed and was alive.  The eye blinked occasionally but not often, because it was the eye of knowledge.  It saw all the possible directions.  It saw all things.  


In the distance was an ark guarded by two creatures with millions of eyes.  Inside the ark was  Flame that shot the whole way up into the Heavens, like a never-ending torch.  It was from this flame that the crucified Christ appeared, with holes in his hands and feet, with his crown of thorns upon his head, and blood on his face.  He instructed Saul not to be afraid and ordered Him to stick his finger into the holes in his hands.  When he did Saul saw the life of Christ, from His birth in a manger to the Last supper, to the Crucifixion.  He saw it the whole way through.  


Then Jesus opened up the skies and Saul looked down upon his blinded self.  He threw himself upon the feet of the resurrected Christ and begged for forgiveness.  Tears filled his eyes and fell upon the feet of Jesus who took mercy on him, telling him to get up.  At this point, a million of the angels that guarded the Holy Flame filled the air and they sang “Glory to God in the Highest!” and “Hossana, the Great Redeemer.”  They lined up and Jesus gave each of them a ring that crafted from the finest gold of Heaven.  He told them that with this ring he gives them powers of Christ.  He then handed a ring to Saul, telling him that his new name was to be Paul and that he was doing the miracles of God.  He was then sent back to the mortal world, where he regained his sight.  Since that day Paul became a great visionary of God.  


I cannot tell you where we got this ring.  It would be a breach of contract, which we take very seriously.  What I can tell you is that it comes from a very holy shrine that is dedicated solely to the conversion of Saul of Tarsus into Paul the Apostle of God, who went on to pen a great chunk of the New Testament.  The thing is that the ring NEVER ages.  It is in pristine condition because when it wears down, the ring will automatically renew itself, kind of like the soul is renewed with faith in Jesus Christ.  This it the first thing we noticed when we got it.  The ring doesn’t look old enough to have belonged to Saul.  Again, I tell you this is because the powers in this piece cause it to renew that way it may never be restored.  When it renews the ring is recreated as if brand new again.  It is seriously miraculous.  


This ring causes great miracles to happen.  With it, you can perform the same miracles that were performed by Paul, Jesus, and the Apostles before him.  You will be able to raise the dead.  You will be able to speak in tongues to cast out all evil, to speak to them with the authority and command of God.  You will be gain the ability to create angels and to give them powers.  You hold the ability to simply speak powers and abilities into existence.  This piece is made with real, ageless gold and emeralds from Heaven, having been smelted with the Holy Fire.  It can provide any type of healing you need, grant any miracle needed, or create any power needed, simply by speaking it into existence.  Again, with this piece, you talk with the authority of God, who has created all things.  This is why this piece is so powerful.  It truly is one of a kind and we will never have another like it because there is none other like it.  


With this piece, you will also get to ascend the road to Heaven, where you will be able to behold the pyramid with the eye that sees in all directions.  You can ask the entity any question that you want and it will give you the answer by allowing you to see through its eye to behold the answer for yourself.  A very basic example of this would be, “Do aliens really exist?”  You will see through the all-knowing eye to see the proof for yourself.  You can ask any question and it will be answered for you in this fashion.  Again, this is a very powerful piece.  Do not squander your chance!!  

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