Quan Chang's Feathers of Wealth, A Phoenix With A Man's Face
Quan Chang's Feathers of Wealth, A Phoenix With A Man's Face

Quan Chang's Feathers of Wealth, A Phoenix With A Man's Face

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Ancient Chinese Sorcery is perhaps some of the most powerful that you will find here on Earth. It really embraces nature and the elements to give you the desired effect that you wan. We work closely with several Asians investigators to make sure that we are bringing you the best of the best Asian magic. Not only was this piece used in Asia, the land that it calls home, but it was brought back and tested here in the United States as well.

The piece itself once belonged to a Chinese sorcerer. He's old, but I wouldn't necessarily call him ancient. He is immortal and he has been around for a few hundred years, so he knows how to conjure his entities. In fact, he has become quite the expert in conjuration as is demonstrated by the powers in this piece. The immortal sorcerer's name is Quan Chang and he has recieved his powers from the guardian known as the Yellow Dragon. The Yellow Dragon is an ancient being that is the keeper of the Yellow River, which contains magical properties. As such, the magic that he embraces is a naturally occurring aquatic energy meaning that it is a life-bearing force and is cyclic like the water cycle.

Quan Chang originally created this piece to house an entity that would bring him great wealth. He has never lived a conventional life but needed to make sure that he had enough money to do what he wanted to do, which was to travel the world and share his magic with the masses. This took wealth. This is what this piece has provided for him, extreme wealth to the point that he has used it to gain the wealth necessary to be able to travel and now he is handing it off to the next person who can use it for extreme wealth.

This piece is very unique because it holds a type of entity that we have never experienced before. When I say the name of the entity you will immediately recognize it, but I assure that the way this entity exists is bizarre and it is the first one of this kind that I have encountered. This piece holds a Phoenix. Everything about this Phoenix is absolutely normal, save for the fact that the bird has the head and face of a man.

Looking at this piece, you will see what I mean. The item is fashioned in the style of the Phoenix that it represents. When you own this piece, you also own the Phoenix who will show itself to you with its body of a bird and head of a human. This makes for the interesting and unique ability to be able to speak to the Phoenix. Why would you want to speak to a phoenix? Well instead of just owning this piece and owning the Phoenix as you would with a conventional phoenix, you will be able to verbally communicate with the Phoenix to tell it what kind of wealth you want.

When the Phoenix shows itself to you, you will be able to hold dialogue with it the same way that you would with a human that is standing right in front of you. The Phoenix will ask you what kind of wealth that you are looking for. You will be able to talk to the Phoenix and tell it what kind of wealth you want. It will then go out into the astral realms, where it will complete a brief recycle. When it is reborn it will absorb the kind of wealth energies that you told it you wanted and then it will return to you with these wealth energies in tow.

The best part is that you can use your Phoenix to bring you more than one kind of wealth energy. For instance, if you know you have a job interview coming up and you really need that job, your Phoenix will cycle and then will bring you wealth energies that will help you get the job. If you want to be able to win money at the casino, you can tell that to your Phoenix. Your Phoenix will re-cycle and then absorb all that kind of wealth energies and bring them back to you.

You will not have to carry this piece around with you wherever you go, because this piece is also unique in the way that it offers you your abilities. These forms of wealth will be attached to you, like feathers, and that type of wealth will remain with you until the end of your days, allowing you to achieve wealth and success in whatever you do.

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