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Quantum Inversion
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Quantum Inversion

Quantum Inversion

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Everything went pitch black and I looked over at Deedee for confirmation that what I was seeing was the real deal  I wanted to make sure that our day’s quests hadn’t tired me so much that I was beginning to imagine things. However, by the glow of the orb that hung low in the sky, I could see her looking back at me.  She nodded her head and I knew that she meant that she was seeing it, too. I have been in the New Jersey Pine Barrens dozens of times and somehow this was the first time I was experiencing what Deedee refers to as “time orbs.”  However, Deedee has stories about these time orbs to tell several hours worth of captivating stories. Not all of them happened to her, but a lot of them did.  

This particular time the story involved me.  When we are going to certain places in New Jersey, Deedee knows these shortcuts.  Actually, she knows shortcuts for darn near everywhere we go. They are the most random shortcuts, too.  We’ll be driving down the street and she’ll just turn down a little side road. Next thing I know we’re driving down a little side road, the sky has darkened by like forty shades as the sun barely peeks through the densely packed pine trees.  They shoot up into the sky like skyscrapers and some of them are dead, gaunt skeletal remains of a beautiful tree that once flourished. The trees make a narrow hallway for the meandering road and all of a sudden I feel like I’ve been transported somewhere in Northern Canada.  It’s an odd feeling.  

Then again, there have been all sorts of reports of things that come alive in the Pine Barrens from Satanists to the Jersey Devil.  From UFOS to bands of wild cannibals who somehow don’t realize we are in civilized times and that they don’t need to eat each other to survive.  New Jersey is just a very supernatural, metaphysical place. It is crawling with all sorts of paranormal anomalies. This time it just happened to be that I was in the right place at the right time for the anomaly to “find me” instead of having to go searching for it like I usually.  It was the strangest thing that happened, too. We were driving down this road. I really wish I could remember what the road was called. From what I can remember it was called Magnolia Road, but I would be wrong on that. We have driven down Magnolia road before, no problems. This time was way different. 

Deedee had plugged something into the GPS.  Now, I know I told you that she knows her shortcuts, but sometimes she puts stuff into the GPS just to see if there is an even shorter way.  Hey, time is money, right? Anyway, we were driving down the road and out of nowhere the GPS stops working. It flickered on and off and then all of a sudden it was telling us that we were going in a different direction than we were.   Deedee was like, “Oh, it does that sometimes. The satellites have poor reception out here.” Then, I looked at my phone and couldn’t even turn it on, nor could she turn hers on. Weird, but nothing alarming. We then saw all these streaks of light falling out of the sky almost like meteors but nothing was hitting the ground. The trees began to come wavy.  The best way I can describe this is it was like looking through the heat vapor that comes up off of the pavement on a really hot day.  

Then out of know where the car stopped working as if we had been shot with an EMP or something.  A bright orb zipped overtop of the car. It didn’t get any closer and it didn’t get any further. It just hovered making a whirring sound like that of a vacuum cleaner.  That is when I looked over at Deedee and she confirmed that she was seeing the same thing that I was seeing. She tried to turn the car on and there nothing. It didn’t even try to turn over, there wasn’t even a sputter.  Nothing. It was a little bit alarming if I’m being quite honest. I know that I should probably stop doing this, but I didn’t even have a protection piece with me, because we hadn’t planned on doing any investigations that night.  Somehow they always just seem to find us.  

Faster than we were able to realize what was happening, our bodies began to do that vapor thingy that I just told you about.  Literally, it reminded me of what happened to Alan in the movie Jumanji when he gets sucked into the gameboard. It’s like one second we were sitting in the front of the car.  In the next instant we were somewhere else and to be honest, it wasn’t all that much different. We would find out later that this is because we were on Earth, just one dimension over.  We found ourselves in a place called Ong/s Hat, which is a real-life town in New Jersey. It’s just that in this version of reality Ong’s Hat was a thriving settlement with really nice people.  They were a bit strange even for us, but they were really nice. In real life, Ong’s Hat is a town with a population of exactly zero. Proof of its existence boasts little more than a few run-down shacks.  

Now would probably be a good time for me to tell you the history of Ong’s Hat.  It will make so much more sense to you once you understand the significance that it plays.  Of all the places in the Pine Barrens, Ong’s Hat might be the strangest one of them all. It was named after one Jacob Ong after he got mad when one of the girls he was trying to woo realized he was a player.  She took his fine silk had and stomped it into the ground. Jaco got made and threw it into a tree where it stayed for years. End of story.  

The weirder history of Ong's Hat is this.  In the 1950s a group of jazz musicians who were members of Newark's Moorish Science Temple.  They traveled the world to learn different spiritual practices and magic from those who were considered masters in easter esotericism.  One of the Travelers was Wali Fard. When he returned from his travels in 1978, he used his life's savings to purchases 200 acres of New Jersey Pinelands.   He founded what he called the Moorish Science Ashram with a few runaway boys from Paramus and two lesbian anarchists.  

Fard started a movement and people in the shadows who lived on the fringe of society began showing up to his join the Ashram.  Among those who sought refuge in Fard's pine barrens oasis were two radical twin doctors who were booted out of Princeton for trying to expose the truth, Frank and Althea Dobbs.  They began to make discoveries that shook the foundation of the Ashram to its core. They finalized what they began at Princeton and this was the discovery of something called "cognitive chaos."  This cognitive chaos theory suggested that humans are able to tap into portions of the brains to do things such as stop their aging, purge disease from their bodies and use their mind to open up portals and travel anywhere in time or in the known or unknown universe.  The Ashram used te knowledge found by the twins to found the Institute of Chaos Studies.

Things progressed way quicker than anybody could have imagined.  In the time span of just three years, the Institute had stumbled upon an anomaly called "The Gate".  It was part of a collection of devices that was known as "the Egg." The Egg is a system of machines and instruments hooked together that can manipulate the brain.  The twins and other leaders at the Institute hooked people up to computers so they could monitor their brain waves. They held experimentations involving sex, drugs, pain, grief, and other things that could influence brain waves.  They learned how to manipulate and control the chaos that is found in one’s mind.  

They continued to upgrade and update their experimentation methods and the fourth version of the Edd was tested on one of the Paramus runaways.  When the device was activated, the boy and the Egg both disappeared. Just a few minutes later it rematerialized, the same way we rematerialized.  The boy claimed that he had traveled to a dimension next to ours, thus opening the Gate. Later, a chemical spill at Fort Dix, a nearby military base, leaked nuclear material into the area caused inhabitants of local areas to have to flee, or deal wth nuclear poisoning.  Instead of evacuating inland to another place on Earth as we know it, the ICS decided to flee interdimentionally.  

The ICS was successfully able to transport themselves and their possessions into an alternate dimension.  In the alternate dimensions, they still resided in Ong's Hat, but humanity did not exist. The technology that was developed by the ICS led to a rather violent confrontation with Delta Force who had received word of the Egg by officials from Fort Dix.  Delta Force killed 7 members of the ICS and as a result, they sufficed to be removed permanently to the new Ong's Hat in the parallel realm that was discovered upon the opening of the Gate.  

After all of that, I can now tell you that where we found ourselves was New Ong's Hat.  The thing about all of this is that the people there looked exactly the same as they did when they traveled through the gate.  They have not aged a lick. We only know because we were shown pictures of the on Ong’s Hat in a place called the Interdimensional Module.  This is a temple of sorts, where the Dobbs twins now live, along with the rest of the original Ashram and other members who have joined since the ICS decided to jump dimensions.  They have managed to keep their tech from the government. In their new home, it’s all good, because they don’t have to worry about the extremely paranoid United States government breathing down their necks. With the help of Wali Fard, the Dobbs have become spiritualized masters.  They have both been able to master the human body as the temple of wisdom that the body is supposed to be.  

We were invited into the IDM to visit with the twins.  The twins looked pretty normal to what we saw of them. The only thing that seemed a bit off about them is that they were wearing turbans.  Anybody who knows Deedee knows that she is entirely unabashed with asking people their personal business, so she just asked them why they were wearing a turban.  Not seeming the slightest bit unsurprised the twins removed their turbans to show us what they were concealing. It was the third eye. It was an actual eyeball, not jewel or something else metaphorical.  They stood up from where they were sitting and Deedee and I each peered into one of the twins’ third eye. It showed us the thoughts and the “chaos” that was inside of the twin’s minds. However, it then transported us to a separate place where the twins appeared to us as white light beings.  

They explained to us that the human body has been built in the image of God.  God is the universe and all known existence. When the human body was born, they were each born with a miniature version of all existence embedded in their minds.  This is called Quantum Inversion and includes all places of existence and in all versions of time past, present, and future. However, in order to access this given information, the chaos of the human mind has to be calmed and manifested in order to see through it to travel to other places.  Only in doing this can you then access the gifts of Chaos magic. Chaos magic is especially powerful because it will allow you to travel to any point on the time-existence axis by opening up the gate in your mind. This means you can travel to any place in existence to any point in time of your choosing.  It also does other things such as self-healing and self-actualization to help you manifest the powers and abilities you were naturally born with. It allows you to experience a full psychic awakening with the ability to master all psychic abilities. It brings mental clarity, the ability to focus, motivation to do better, the removal of barriers between this realm and the spiritual realm.  This means you will get the ability to call forth any type of spiritual being in existence. This piece brings about a knowledge of all existence and all magic in existence with the ability to travel within the Quantum Inversion to be able to receive and retain the magic that you want in your ring.  

As for the piece that we got, it was on my finger in the morning.  Yeah, we don’t know how, but after our experience with the twins, we wound up back at Deedee’s house.  We have no recollection of how we got there, but it’s all good. We have this piece for you and that is all that matters.  It is super powerful and will do exactly as we have told you above. It clears your mind of your chaos and uses this piece to open  “the Gate” to the Quantum Inversion that was built within your mind. Through this gate you will travel where you want to go, no questions asked.  The rest of what this piece will do for you is written in the description. You will email for instructions on this piece when you receive and they will be sent to you via email.  


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