Quantum Soul

Quantum Soul

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The Quantum Soul is your soul in its purest form. Your soul has taken many other forms throughout the courses of history and has seen many life cycles. Each lifecycle is given to you fresh and new, but the soul that you have is the same from beginning to end. It is the same soul that was given to you when you were given your first lifecycle. When it is all said and done and you peel off your mortal flesh, it is the same soul that exists in the spiritual realms.

The Quantum soul is your soul as it exists in both the purest and most basic form-- without a mortal vessel attached to it. You see when we assume a new mortal form, the memories of our prior lives are put on hold. They are not erased and it is not impossible to reach these memories, but there is a block in the brain that fights against our urges to put all of these memories together and to exist as a whole. The Quantum form state is the knowledge of all of these memories and of all the lifeforms you have ever taken

The only problem with the quantum soul is that you only exist in this form when you have dropped your mortal body to become a soul form again. Then, you will either be reborn into a new mortal form, or you will retake your place in the afterlife, which was also the prior life. However, when you wear this piece, it breaks the barrier between the quantum soul and the soul as it exists inside of the mortal body. You will receive a flooding of knowledge that will pour forth from your subconscious, which is where the quantum soul lives. You will suddenly be able to know all of the may lifeforms that you have taken in the past.

Once you are familiar with yourself as a whole, you will gain certain powers that you have known your entire stretch of cyclic life. It depends on who you have been and where you have been, but there are definitely powers associated with every quantum soul. These are the powers that are born innately to humans who have no idea that they exist. Well, your soul knows they exist, but your mind doesn't. Whatever these powers are, you will gain mastery over them. You will also ascend into a state of awakening that will enliven your senses and will bring about a 3rd Eye Awakening. This will give you a full range of psychic abilities and control over these psychic abilities to use them as you wish.

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