Queen Victoria's Eternal Romance with Death | STAR
Queen Victoria's Eternal Romance with Death | STAR
Queen Victoria's Eternal Romance with Death | STAR
Queen Victoria's Eternal Romance with Death | STAR

Queen Victoria's Eternal Romance with Death | STAR

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Love is a very potent form of power... and yes, I do believe it to be a power. It seems like one that doesn't really have anyone to answer to. It works as it chooses to and can inspire some of the most beautiful moments and then, alternatively, some of the most devastating. It's an act of human behavior that can't fully be explained.

This was especially true for Queen Victoria who was so in love that she often used her royalty and status to ensure that it only increased in strength. On her father's side, two or so generations back, there was a sorceress in the family from whom Queen Victoria could receive short and concise visions. It was only ever a few seconds into the past or future - depending on the subject of interest. That being said, it was how she survived the multiple assassinations that were made on her life through her reign as queen.

Anyway, she had always been fascinated by that power and the magic of supernaturally inclined people. She had always been able to access the visions, the first one having occurred when she was six. Through the earlier years of her involvement with Albert, Victoria was inspired to wondered whether or not, if she could access the ability to receive visions, from her relative, could she perhaps inherit other magics or power?

She discovered the answer to her question when she was about seventeen years old - just one year before she became queen. She discovered that she could, in an instant, making someone love her. The first person she did it to was a complete accident. The second was more of a desperate attempt to get rid of the first and then the third - but not the last - was Albert, her first cousin, who she had been deeply in love with. She made him believe that he was entirely in love with her in return and believe it he certainly did.

Throughout their relationship - even their marriage, which she also influenced herself - the love between them was strong and easily mistaken for authentic. She was even completely heartbroken over her husband's death and would not get over it. In fact, she spent 40 years mourning, most of which she spent obsessing over paying proper respect to the death of her husband. She would orchestrate elaborate ceremonies in the name of her dead husband if for only the chance to speak to him for a split second. However, stuff like that doesn't happen unless you tap into the supernatural aspect of communication with someone who is dead. Victoria, as vulnerable as she was, became an easy target for faux oracles, witches, priests and or other sorceresses.

In an attempt to bring Albert back to life, Victoria turned to peculiar methods that, given the nature of them, we imagine that it should have been a bit more difficult to persuade her into taking part in them. That being said, she still did and what was born of it is not really what she hoped for. An alleged witch who was actually just a performer with very lesser inclination in magic to add a bit of authenticity to her scams convinced Victoria that together, if she allowed her, they could resurrect Albert from the dead and they could live happily together for the rest of their mortal lives.

Immersed in mourning her loss, Victoria believed the witch and did everything in her power to gather all that the witch needed, including items that belonged to herself, ones that were treasured by Albert and even enormous amounts of wealth and all of it was meant to be a tribute to what Victoria was made to believe would be a certain-to-succeed resurrection of her dead husband.

However, when they had attempted to resurrect Albert, she had instead released all feeling in exchange for the very last opportunity to look upon his face again. The worst part is, when the ritual allowed for this to happen, when Albert appeared before Victoria once more, there was no feeling and she sent him away almost immediately with disinterest - the same disinterest she would have shown another man attempting to turn her affection away from Albert. The reason it had failed is because the love itself had not been genuine - it had been entirely faux and instilled by Victoria by her self.

So this piece you see here is the ultimate influence of love, the stone that rests as its center, is an authentic empowered crystal that embodies the intense love that Victoria had lost and never was able to regain. It also contains all of the power that she had been required to tribute to it in order to attempt the final resurrection spell that had failed. It will inspire the one you love most to return your love if they do not already and they will love you as fiercely as you love them until you wish otherwise. Unlike the love that Victoria had been burned by, the love you grant is authentic and they will actually want you. They will be in love with you. They will always choose you. You will become the center of your soulmate's universe.

Alternatively, if you have lost a love, unlike Victoria this will actually work in bringing you lost love back. It is absolutely guaranteed because it generates authentic love. So if there is someone you really want, someone that you aren't over, someone you know is meant for you that you have lost... don't let them go! Get them back where they belong - with you!

This ring is made of sterling silver.


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