Quip the Celt

Quip the Celt

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This piece may look like it was meant for something else, but it actually holds Celtic Druid. The reason why the piece doesn't look more manly or more powerful is simple. The druid was summoned by an Irish woman named Caireann who affectionately named her newfound druid Quip. She used him for many things over the years-- to gain wealth, to conjure spirits, to source her own powers, to rid evil of her life, and to obtain ancient knowledge. More recently she used Quip's powers to gain an eternal love. Her new relationship partner was kind of skittish with the thought of such a powerful relic being around. I don't know, I guess he just wasn't that into magic. Either way, as a condition of their relationship, Caireann was forced to get rid of Quip. She was emotional, but she realizes that all things in life are but for a season. She had moved on with her lover and Quip as moved onto to us.

Now, Quip can be yours. All you have to do is purchase this piece. There is no ritual or anything that has to be done or said in order to be able to use this piece. There will be a bonding period of at least a week while Quip gets used to your vibration and energies. After this, he will begin to show himself to you. At first, he might show up as a shadow, but after that, he will begin to take form. DOn't be alarmed, this is not a dark spirit, this is simply your piece working the way that it should. Maybe you won't even see anything and you can simply communicate telepathically. It's really up to your energies and the vibes that Quip picks up on when he is bonding with your energy.

As far as the powers that you will get, you will get the ones that I have listed and possibly more, depending on how you want to use your piece. Either way, this piece is super powerful and is a prime example of ancient Celtic magic.

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