Rainbow Warrior Angels

Rainbow Warrior Angels

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These are the Rainbow Warrior angels we learn about from Yezidi prophecy.  The prophecy is told in a way in which others are set to be confused and not make a connection to the Rainbow Warrior Angel. You might wonder why a intentional confusion would be acceptable but it’s because of each individual.

Certain people are not stable of mind. A darkness controls the soul and this darkness creates murder and antisocial behavior. Murder is a heavy duty, never coming back from its act. What about mental or physical torture? Those things you might not see. Unfortunately there are more people out there like then you know.

Take for example and not to get political here but Hillary Clinton and Benghazi. How do you justify her statement of “ what difference does it make” well you bitch it makes a lot! It’s makes a shit lot of difference! You let people die and then you lied sending a innocent man to prison for a video! You putrid piece of shit! It makes a hell of a lot of difference to those families you filthy bitch! Her soul is filth!  She couldn’t ever know the magical problem to allow a Rainbow Warrior angel in.  By problem
I mean math formula, sacred knowledge and hermetic cast. 

The Rainbow Warrior angel is like no other type of angel. They are nothing like you have encountered. They mean business and getting things done. I’m not saying other angels are not as good because they are. They just serve a different function. 

Did you ever wonder why the kundalini must be adjusted or even what it truly is? No one ever asks they just assume they need it fixed and the bottom line is you do! 

The kundalini is a snake. What was the original snake? What entered the body when sin did! Why are there various angels to help you? 

The original snake was Satan. Not Lucifer. Lucifer was his name before the fall.  What entered the body was Satan or pieces of his darkness. This is what decayed the soul and places a darkness in it. Other angels from warriors to guardians are there to help you because of your nature, your ignorance and your easily led lifestyle. They protect and guide and try to communicate. 

The Rainbow Warrior angel is something much different. This angel is Rainbow in hue because the kundalini and Aura along with soul holds many colors. The colors your missing are replaced. The sickness removed. The ability to be crystal is given. 

The Rainbow Warrior sits at the base of your spine and moves to your brain stem to align you with a perfection and power long ago lost to you. 

These pieces are for male or female and will be in sterling silver band rings. 

You will be asked your birthdate and place of birth, country.  These will be made custom for you. A ring size will also be needed.

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