Raptured into wealth and royal knowledge
Raptured into wealth and royal knowledge
Raptured into wealth and royal knowledge
Raptured into wealth and royal knowledge

Raptured into wealth and royal knowledge

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This ring is seriously impressive! This is a one of a kind, found as is and includes ancient magic.

This piece is expensive but with many things that are hard to get and do serious occult magic, it should be. This is a ring for the more discerning customers and unfortunately there is only one. The next items I will be adding I only have one of those as well. 

First let me give you some background on how we came upon this ring. It’s quite unbelievable and we understand if you don’t believe. I know some of you have heard of coins that drop from Heaven? This is a little like that except a physical being dropped in. There was no conjuring, no seance and no calling of the spirits, it just happened. Where it happened was even more unusual. I was in my storage unit pulling the one apart looking for an item for a customer. Of course there was no luck and I feel it’s  out of state but I will get it, someday.  After I yanked most of the heavy boxes out I was pissed! Mad I couldn’t find it and mad that inventory wasn’t going so well.  I’m not the most organized person and I really need a personal assistant.  I can do most anything but organization is just not my strong point. I try, I really do but my organizing is worse then not doing it!

So there I am really bent out of shape and cresting on PMS with the idiot standing next to me. When I speak to him I do it like this, grab the box, grab the box, grab the box, grab the box. Put it down, put it down, put it down, put it down. It’s rapid fire speech because it’s all he understands.  This is usually followed by “ I’m on my way home do you have to use the bathroom, do you have to use the bathroom, do you have to use the bathroom? Huh? Do you, do you, do you, do you? At this point I need to call the suicide hotline to save myself or him from dying. I’m not joking!!! Steve was thinking of giving him a free 50,000 transformation just so he wouldn’t drive me nuts! Never pick up homeless people! One I picked up in Florida was violent and all I did was buy her a whopper and Burger King! I had to fight her off inside my car! I often wonder if it was a man would I be dead? I don’t think so because when it’s your time to go, it’s your time to go! Obviously it’s not mine! 

Getting back to this. So I was standing there and I looked up and looked down and in front of me were feet. So I looked up again and there stood a gorgeous well muscles man in clothing from around the 1700’s and it was fine brocade, you could tell he had money. His hair was dark and his skin was pale , not vampire pale but just someone who never worked outside. You knew he was royalty. He told me I had something that belonged to him and I said “ look I don’t have time for this shit, seriously?” I didn’t say that because I thought he was a spirit. I said that because I thought at first he was this creep that always follows me into my storage when he sees me. It’s on the edge of town and currently we have a serial killer on the loose. We used to have two but one was caught. He was cutting up bodies and putting them in boxes. Because of that you have to be careful. When I fully realized it wasn’t the creep I knew it was another abnormal person. 

It was Saint Germaine who introduced himself as a Count. I did have stuff of his and it was old paperwork from when he bought a building in New Orleans.  I didn’t think it was worth anything but it did cost me a few thousand to get it. I had to travel to NOLA and meet with this postal lady to get it. She took me to a retired tax office lady who then gave me all the info and paperwork they didn’t want anyone to see. I also got info on the old Pharmacy while I was there and it’s true the government will NEVER speak about and if you ask employees they will tell you the same. For those of you in the area you can go to the Old Pharmacy and check it out yourself. It’s very true that the dead walk among those streets and some are not so friendly. 

I gave the Count his paperwork and he thanked me. He also told me he knew of previous times I had conjured fragments of his spirit. He gave me this ring and it’s not any old ring. It’s old so I don’t know if it’s sterling or not as it has been worn. It’s also impolite to ask if the gift your being given is a precious metal. I don’t know and I can’t guess. I just know it’s old.  What I did find out was exactly what he told me and what I have experienced in the last three weeks. Yes that’s all I have had this for, three weeks tops! 

The Count told me this was an open invitation to the owner for wealth and induction into royal secrets of the occult. He will be a teacher with out you having to know him. He told me to think quickly and also that the idiot I had with me was not of white light. After warning me about him and locking him outside he began to explain, he did that after telling me I need someone to organize my mess! 

The Count told me that you would learn the secrets of immortality, generating a physical body as your servant, learning true alchemy, the physical ability to astral travel, yes read that again! I did it!!! I felt everything and knew everything!!!  The ancient occult knowledge usually kept for royals who offered human sacrifice were now yours with out having to kill! The ability to converse with all Gods is available and the ability to make deals with them and conduct business. True hypnosis and control over others if needed. He told me he uses this often to keep his life secret. 

This may sound like not much but each supernatural ability extends into other regions. This is one of a kind. 

While typing this up I had someone look at it and they believe it’s sterling.  This is one to grab and if you have a special code use it. The special code is over January 10th. Good luck to the one who gets that.

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