Rare Angelic Possession and Transformation
Rare Angelic Possession and Transformation

Rare Angelic Possession and Transformation

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Sometimes there are no rightful explanations for what has happened, other than because.  Like, how am I able to offer you this next piece?  The answer is simply, because... I was in the right place at the right time for this one.  It's the God's to honest truth and when I say God's to honest that's exactly what I mean. The fact is that I had spent a few days in Israel and had obtained an item that allowed me to astral travel to all of the seven levels of Heaven.  They are spectacularly beautiful.  I've listed the piece that I used, but I think it already sold.  If you ever get the chance to astral travel to Heaven, don't pass it up.  It's unlike anything you'll ever encounter.  Then, you'll come back down to Earth with a totally different perspective on life.  That is for sure.  
I was using this piece to astral travel to Heaven, when I came across a realm that is known as the Mansions of God.  It is in these Mansions that his mighty white light powers are store.  Every white light ability to have ever been created and/or used is stored in these mansions.  How do I know?  I checked them out.  This is where I found the angel summoning piece that I am offering for this listing, but it's not just an angel summoning piece, so don't stop reading just yet.  You will seriously regret it.  I know other people sell the ability to summon angels.  I get that, but this isn't the only thing that I am offering here.  
In one of the mansions I found this piece. Now, it is interesting to know that the Realm of Mansions, also called the Mansionic Realm is also home to what is called The Ark of God.  This is kind like the Ark of the Covenant, save for the fact that it holds all of God's most powerful items.  In it are hidden the true Holy Grail, the Crown of Thorns that Jesus wore during His persecution and one of the stones from Lucifer's crown that was originally given to him by God, among other things.  To spare you the boredom of a long story, I place the angel summoning piece into the Ark of God for a while and I searched around the realm in the meantime.  It's hard to say how long I was there because there isn't any time in Heaven.  It's just eternity.  I'd say this piece was simmering in God power for a few hours.  
When I returned to the mortal realms, I was very excited at what I found.  This piece no longer simply summons angels. Rather, what this piece will do is allow you to become spiritually possessed by this angel, where whatever angel you call upon will come down to you and enter your body.  Now you will be in full control of the angel and its powers.  You will be able to direct these powers as you see fit and the angel will stay with you as long as you want.  You can use the powers of the angel that has possessed you for an unlimited amount of time, as this piece gives you full control.  It is extremely white light and can only be uses as such.  There are a ton of powers waiting to for you, because there are millions of angels, each with specific abilities that they want to share!!  Become and angel today, but only with this piece!!   


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