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You never really see me offer these because the few I have I keep for myself. I do that because they are the most powerful of all the djinn and because I get Adita to get them for me. She can't always get them but when she does she gets them right from the source. Many times she brings jewlery to them or she gets what they have.

Since Adita brought them back with her this week I have more then a few and I will list them all tonight. These are all going on for 15.00! Very inexpensive but in no way lacking in power at all! I'm offering them at this price because she got quite a few of them. She herself and a friend or two of hers did test them before they came into the country. Adita has been here a few days now and I tested a few sets that I'm keeping plus I can't sell them as I wore them. These are good and ready to go. You will get the name on your card when you order. All of the ones I have are female and they all are super powerful. Personalities are all great and easy to work with. There is no activation other then calling them by their names.

This type of djinn does wealth, love and anything else you need.

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