Raven Rock Files-- the Eyes to a Universal Brain (necklace)

Raven Rock Files-- the Eyes to a Universal Brain (necklace)

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Sometimes everything that we think we know is a myth.  Okay, well lots of time actually. I become increasingly curious as time goes how humans have lived as long as they have without full understanding of what is going on in the universe.  I mean, there are extraterrestrials that have managed to figure it out. They visited the ancient civilizations who have also managed to figure it out, but if you ask a child today what their favorite thing about life is, their liable to answer with, “Kim Kardashian!”  Gross. We need to wise up as a race together and stop fighting our own differences or we are never going to see the big picture-- we are one small piece of a puzzle of existence. However, even a puzzle isn’t complete without that one piece, so we have a point to existence.  

So, what I’m getting at is that the government knows what is up.  They have been hiding it for a very long time. Messages from the other places are continuously being sent to Earth by advanced races of beings.  These messages continue to lead to discoveries that could enhance the way human life is live, but do you think they would share that information. Nope.  In fact, they exploit that information for their own benefit. Either way, we have exploited them for the benefit of everyone and the result is the trio of pieces that we offering.  

We all know that the government has area 51 right?  Well did you know that they also have a secret testing ground in Pennsylvania?  It’s called Raven Rock. In fact, you could Google it to find out more information if you wanted to.  Nicknamed “Harry’s Hole” it built under the oversight of Truman in the 1940s. It has purportedly been a key testing facility in Operation Delirium which was a covert mind-control experiment done by the government.  What is also tested at Raven Rock is samples of Alien DNA, similar to those that were tested at Plum Rock. I have no idea if the two are connected somehow, but they did both house alien DNA that was shipped to them from various crash sites around the world.  However, Pennsylvania and New Jersey are very high in the number of alien sightings, abductions, and activities, so this is also probably why they decided to put a testing facility smack dab in the middle of rural PA.

Raven Rock goes a step further than your average run of the mill Alien DNA.  I only know this because we went on an investigation there one time and one time was enough.  They do all kinds of tests there, stuff that would make the Nazis look like amateurs. I’m talking about dismembered limbs and weird liquids in glass jars, machines that whir for no reason and the shrunken alien heads, which is where our story commences.  Now, I’m not 100% sure if the aliens were the ones who gave ancient Earthlings the secrets of shrunken heads and they are shrunken because they were found that way OR if the government simply used the ancient shrunken head magic to preserve the alien heads that they found.  To be honest, it could be either or, the fact is that seeing shrunken heads is always something that will set you back. Seeing shrunken aliens heads is much more bizarre.

In the center of each of the alien heads was a gem.  These gems varied in size, but it was clear that they had not changed sized like the heads had during the shrinking process.  This is because these gems are not natural parts of the heads. They were secured, presumably by the alien race that they came from, into a third ocular cavity that had been carved into the skull.  We only know this because we took several of the heads with us for testing. I mean, there heads upon heads there, some bigger than others, but they all looked the same. In fact, Deedee made mention that it is possible that these aliens could have had a civilization that lived on Earth and the government found out about them and genocided them.  It sounds like something a human would do, right? I mean look at Nazi Germany or how the Europeans offed the Natives.

We barely made it out of the facility without being detected.  When I say I was worried, Im talking about I literally didn’t think we were making it out of there at all.  We had zero protection, invisibility or otherwise charged pieces with us. It was a close call. We did get out with several of the heads.  During a full investigation of the shrunken heads, it has been determined that the part that is probably most wanted by the government is the gem that is attached to it.  It is literally an eye that the aliens have had installed to them that keeps them in constant communication with their original race of people-- those that are left anyhow.  These gems give off some sort of electromagnetic pulse that binds them together with others who have them. They share a great knowledge bank that is like a collective, universal brain.  It holds secrets of alien technology and magic that can be uploaded to the gem in a matter of seconds, allowing their brain to obtain a full knowledge and understanding of the information that was transmitted.  It’s like a plugin device that links them directly to knowledge. I’m talking about knowledge that most won’t even begin to understand.

A few examples of this knowledge include the ability to create black holes to travel through them to other dimensions.  You can access the ability of quantum jumping to allow you to leave your body and float through astral space and the universe and arrive at the other side within minutes. We were able to find information such as autonomous healing that would heal the body from anything within a matter of seconds.  The ability create a cosmic radiation so strong that it could wipe out an entire planet, the ability to see into a person with x-ray visions to see what kind of matter and material they are made up of, the ability dissect the magic of another person and inject yourself with that same magic, and the ability to read the DNA of any living organism and recreate it within your own body to become that organism were also forms of knowledge we found using the gems in the shrunken head.  That’s just some of the magic that we have acquired using these gems. I could write an entire excerpt on the kinds and types of information this piece gives you, but it’s probably just better if you find out on your own.

Now, these pieces were created using the gems that we found inside of the shrunken heads.  There is a bracelet, a necklace and earrings that do the same thing. When you wear the piece, it becomes the living eye that connects you the bank of information that we call the Universal Brain.  You will be able to mentally scan every detail of information that is available, but I can tell you right now it will take you a while. There’s more information in that Universal Brain than there is on the WWW and most normal people only have access to about 3.5% to 4% of it, the rest being the dark web.  Imagine the expanse of this knowledge!

There is nothing special that you must do in order to activate these pieces, you must simply wear them and allow your body’s energy to activate them for you.  You will know when the activation is complete because you will gain information in your brain that you never knew before. It’s not just like a thought or an impulse.  This is information that you will actually NOW. You will have no question about it.

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