Realm of Wandering Souls
Realm of Wandering Souls

Realm of Wandering Souls

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Raviniska has been quite the busy bee lately, but it didn't stop her from dropping in and providing us with this piece.  She told us her creator also created this piece, the concept of which, was used in her very own creation.  She has personally worn this piece for a very long time so that way when it came time to pass it on, the powers in it would supercharged as far as what it can do for you.  The powers themselves were once upon a time contained in the Sphinx's paw, but a conjuring mantra that was created by Raviniska's creator was able to put him into such a deep trance that he actually could communicate with the powerform and coaxed it out of its hiding spot.  


This powerform is ancient and was put there by the builders of the sphinx.  Similar to the way Jewish temples were built, the power had something to do with the sacred numerology in the dimensions that the sphinx was built.  With the way this piece was made, it allows the person who holds it to breath in souls-- all the soul's energy, all the soul's power, and all the soul's knowledge.  I know you're probably wondering what the heck I mean right now.  Breathing in souls?  What is that??  


Listen, there is a parallel dimension to our own.  In fact, it overlays our own.  It lays right on top of it.  There are actually several layers of this dimension, but this piece brings total transparency.  This realm is a realm of soul energy.  It is where souls that do not go to the afterlife end up.  For instance, those souls who saw the light at the end of the tunnel coming, but refused to cross over- they are on this plane.  Any others souls or spirits that for whatever reason have not crossed over also exist on this plane.  Okay, so what does that mean to you?  


There are many different kinds of souls-- mortal souls, vampire souls, lycan souls, witching souls, wizard souls, fairy souls, all kinds of souls.  It's like Soul-topia, except it's not called that.  It's called (drum roll, please) the Realm of Wandering Souls.  This piece allows you to leave your body and in your soul form travel to the Realm of Wandering Souls.  When visiting the Realm you will be able to encounter souls of all kinds.  This piece lets you act as a vacuum and you will actually pull these souls toward you by inhaling their energy.  All of their thoughts will become your thoughts.  Their powers will become your powers.  Their knowledge becomes your knowledge.  What you can gain using this piece is limitless as there are unlimited amounts of powers and abilities within the realm.  If there is something you want, you just have to keep searching until you find it!!  


This is the only one of these pieces.  There is not another one like it because it was never made.  Remember, Ravinska wore this piece for many, many years before she finally gave it to us, to pass onto one of you lucky people.  It is a one-of-a-kind collector’s item that you will not be able to experience anywhere else but HauntedCuriosities!!  


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