Receptacle of 21 Souls | STAR
Receptacle of 21 Souls | STAR
Receptacle of 21 Souls | STAR
Receptacle of 21 Souls | STAR

Receptacle of 21 Souls | STAR

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Some men and women seek love relentlessly and generally go to great lengths to get what they want. This piece was created from a situation exactly like that.


Originally, this item was created by a demon and given to a man named Jack Black—no, not the actor. The man I reference was an author, librarian, and a professional burglar who had nothing in particular to live for. Seeking more than mere burglary could grant him, the man had desperately turned to darker paths as a last resort. He discovered a crossroads in 1899. As it is simultaneously a place supernatural spirits frequent as well as the line between our world and the next, he encountered a demon with whom he made a deal.


In exchange for a new and better life, he would give the demon his soul in thirty years. The demon was originally only willing to allow the man ten years but eventually relented with certain conditions. In exchange for more time, the demon set the man out to harvest the souls of exactly twenty virgins—one for each additional year—after which be granted his end of the deal in return.


The demon gave him this piece, instructing him specifically to keep it on his person at all times as it would collect each soul he stole. Additionally, it would aid him in collecting the souls by making it possible for him to do so while not in his physical body. Like this, he could never be caught and he could carry out his task swiftly.


Within a month, Black returned to the crossroads and attempted to hand over the souls he had collected as well as claim his side of their deal. The demon refused the item and sent Black on his way to claim the woman and life he had earned, promising him that they would meet again in exactly thirty years.


In 1932, the demon had come and claimed Black’s soul, appearing to disappear without a trace to those around him. That, however, is not the case. Demons are tricky and the worst sort to make deals with. What this demon had failed to mention to Black is that he would spend an entire eternity as a slave to demons, working off the thirty years of time he had stolen by stealing the souls of others as the item’s twenty-first prisoner.


This piece was the only odd thing that had been left behind after Black had been taken. Since then, it has been sold to many different people, none of which had had the item for more than five years before getting rid of it again. Almost all of the individuals claim that it was far too eerie and so evil in aura that, when in possession of it, they could hear the souls inside screaming and pleading to be released when they attempted to make use of the piece. They would be plagued with nightmares, within which the souls would claw and pull at them from all directions, warning them that death was coming for them.


My experiences with this piece have been strange, to say the least. Before having even tested it, however, the first thing I did was abolish any evil I could find. Enchantments have also been put in place to ensure that this piece is not capable, by any measure, of danger.


While in possession of this piece, I was able to escape my physical body and roam as an invisible being for a period of time—the more often I used it, the longer I was be able to roam outside of my body. This item acts almost like a gateway that allows you to roam that place between this world and the next. At some point, I gained the ability to become solid despite remaining invisible, which allowed me to interact with others. I find that you can also channel the souls trapped inside to gain psychic abilities and awareness as well as acquire telekinetic power while outside of your body. Additionally, you can see and interact with spirits perfectly, during which they are far more likely to approach you.


This is an antique ring. It is sterling silver and features a portrait of Jack Black on it. It was cut off his finger in death. Size 9.5-10.

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