Reflective Hearts:  Build Your Perfect Lover

Reflective Hearts: Build Your Perfect Lover

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This piece holds reflective magic that allows you to create your perfect lover.  The reason why this is called reflective magic is that it reflects the innermost desires of your heart.   This can be used by a man or a woman.  When you hold this piece in your hand you will envision your perfect love-- what they look like, how they act, how they smell, how they carry themselves, their attitude, and any other characteristics that would make your lover ideal for you. 

You can literally envision anything.  A small slender blond with blue eyes.  A husky man with dark hair and tattoos all over his body.  A chubby girl with more cushion for the pushin' who really knows how to throw down in the kitchen.  Let your mind wander.  The more you can think of the better because this is your chance to customize! 

When you've thought of everything that you can think of, you will push this energy out of your mind.   If it helps you can chant "Make it so" when you are at this stage of the process.  Focus on the energy leaving your mind and going out into the astral planes where it is going to birth the perfect lover for you.  

This astral creation will be remitted into the human realms, where they will take human form.  Your one true love, the one that you have created, will find their way to you.  You will spend the rest of your life as a happy couple because this person was literally designed to be your perfect mate!  

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