Revenge of Asclepius
Revenge of Asclepius
Revenge of Asclepius

Revenge of Asclepius

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At face value, Asclepius was the god of medicine and healing.  He was born a mortal, but given immortality after Zeus raised him from his death, to a place in the sky known as the constellation Opiuchus.  The drama behind this resurrection was like an ancient soap opera.  
Basically Asclepius was Apollo's son.  Coronis was pregnant with Apollo's child, when she fell in love with Ischys.  A crow carried the message back to Apollo who sent his sister Artemis to kill Coronis.  Apollo resused his son, however, before Artemis had a chance to avenge him, performing the first ever C-Section.  He gave his son to the centaur Chiron to oversee.  Phlegyas, Coronis' dad was mad that Apollo had sent Artemis to kill his daughter, for which he torched the Apollonian temple at delphi, for which Apollo killed him instantly.  
While Asclepuis was with Chiron, Chiron taught his him a TON of magic, incluidng white light powers of healing, inlcuding the ability of drugs (in those days more or less sacred herbalism and the use of herbs in magic), incantations and spells, and love potions. Asclepuis was give a vial of Gorgon Blood which is the power of life and death.  Blood from the left side was poison and d a sure death sentence.  Blood from the right side was a sure way to perform a proper resurrection.  
Eventually Zeus got angry because Asclepuis agreed to resurrect Hipploytus at the behest of Athena.  He smote both men with one single lightning bolt.  To avenge his son's death, Apollo killed Cyclops, the manufacturer of Zeus magic lightning bolts.  After realizing Asclepius' importance to man, he resurrected him via constellation Opiuchus.  This Constellation was of great importance to the ancients because his powers were so great.  
His temples, called Aslepieion are some of the most powerful and magical known to the ancient Greeks.  His following has dwindled since then, however his power and magic lives on today through a group that calls upon the cosmic powers of the constellation Opiuchus.  There are a bunch of secret Asclepieions in Pennsylvania alone, which is where I obtained this item.  It was made by a Asclepion Wizard-- that is someone who is well versed in the magic of Ophiuchus.  Obviously, the pieces are a bit more contemporary, but the powers in this piece are the same original, ancient energy.  You really can't afford to miss out it.  
This item brings you all the magic and powers associated with Asclepius' mortal life. First and foremost it brings you the power of white light healing that he master during his stay with the Centaur, after he was born.  This included the abilityof white light divination, enlightenment of the mind, cleansing of the aura, and karmic rebirth.
Then, there is the aspect of the Gorgon blood that was given to Asclepius that he used to resurrect people and gods from the dead.  This piece will not give you the ability to actually bring people back to life, because that might be a little bit creep.  Rather, this piece will allow you to search through the realms of the afterlife to be able to resurrect people is spiritual form.  Using this piece, whomever your resurrection target is will be pulled through the realms and brought to you like metal is brought to a magnet.  This will allow you to conjure people from the past for communication or to obtain more powers from them.  
This piece embraces the power in Zeus' lightning bolt.  It will give you the ability to exact spiritual revenge.  It will send a "lightning" bolt out to those who you wish to exact revenge on.  It will bring to them all the troubles that they were attempting to cause you.  For example, if somebody steals from you, then you can use this piece to exact revenge on that person.  Most likely they are going to get their own belongings robbed, or will at least lose money in some way shape or form.  If someone tries to sleep with your man, it might cause her to contract a herpes.  You know, something along those lines.  
The powers in this piece are extremely powerful.  The possibilities are pretty much endless, but I think that goes without saying.  You've read the description so you know that this piece is pretty much an all-in-one powerhouse.
This is a great metaphysical piece that allows you to conjure and create magic spells,gives ancient energy and while I wouldn't say haunted I would say paranormal for sure.  This is a Sterling silver necklace with a gorgeous  mulitcolored stone called Mystic Topaz.

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