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RH Negative

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On the convention I will be sending out in advertising tomorrow hotels, places to stay and things to do while here that you shouldn't miss. Places like Eastern State Penitentiary.  Very haunted! 
I'm sure you have all heard the story by now.  Noah made the Ark and took two of every animal into the Ark with him.  He also took his family.  There they stayed while it rained for 40 days and 40 nights.  At the end was the beginning of a knew culpable human race, or so that's what was supposed to happen.  I think its safe to say that our generation didn't exactly take the moral high ground.  Either, way this is what came to pass.  
Here' the part of the history of the Gret Flood that you may not have known.  The real reason why the world was flooded out and everything was destroyed is because of the creation of a race known as the Nephilim.  The Nephilim were giants who were the offspring of Angel and mortal women.  They were created when angels fell from Heaven and even more importantly fell for the women that lived here.  The result was a semi-divine offspring who held magical abilities that were so powerful that God decided they needed to be eradicated.  The rest was history and a flood.  
Fast-forward thousands of years later and the bones of these same Nephilim would turn up literally all over the world.  There were some found in New Mexico, others in Europe, and the latest installment of discovering Nephilim bones comes from Russian.  More specifically they were found in the frozen tundra of Siberia.  It makes perfect sense that they would be found in perfect condition.  The cold froze them and allowed them to stay in like new condition.  
The difference between this discovery and all of its predecessors was that the Nephilim bones came with a source of frozen blood.  This blood was tested and came back as the rare type of blood known as RH Negative.  The source of RH Negative blood has been hotly contested and there have even been claims that those who hold this blood type hold the original bloodline of Christ.  I guess you could say that this is true, considering there is proof that this bloodline is present in Nephilim, Nephilim had angel fathers, and these fathers came from Heaven where they were designed by the hand of God. It just comes full circle.  
Either way, we got our hands on a sample of this blood and have infused it into this ring.  This ring was cool enough with its sterling silver and platinum band with a radiant orchid quartz and garnets.  Now, it's even better, because it has been infused to the RH Negative type blood, which is a blood type that comes from Heaven and carries a rare bloodline that has been created by God for his Heavenly Host.  
This powers in the RH Negative blood will give you the authority to perform angelic miracles like those that were performed by the Archangel Michael in the many forms that he took.  This includes the ability to call out and command angels by their names.  It doesn't not matter what their power, you will be able to use it as your own.  You will be able to heal people of their maladies both physical (limited) and spiritual (full).  You will be able to raise people from the dead in the soul form and to communicate with the spirits that have moved onto to the Everafter.  You will gain the ability to visit the Garden of Eden in your true angelic form as often as you'd like and to view the Tree of Life and the Book of Names to gain the powers and knowledge that it has stored within.  You will be given dominion over all things evil, able to vanquish demons and darkness with the flick of your tongue.  You will be given a knowledge that will allow you to view all sacred scripts in their original contexts to understand the hidden codes that have been written within.  
Now listen, I'm not saying that all people with RH Negative blood have these abilities.  I know there's going to be somebody out there with RH Negative blood that's going to say, "Well, I can't do that."  That is because they haven't been working on perfecting their abilities.  Their blood also hasn't been stewing in frozen wastelands for the last couple of thousand years.  This blood is potent and we have supercharged in when infusing into this ring.  That is why it will do all of these things for you.  You do not want to miss out on any of these abilities, especially if extreme white light is what you're after.   

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