Ring Extravaganza-  Celtic Bloom
Ring Extravaganza-  Celtic Bloom

Ring Extravaganza- Celtic Bloom

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This piece is a double dipper. What do I mean by that? Well, to begin with, you wouldn't know by looking at it, but this piece holds an ancient leprechaun entity.  In ancient times he was born when this flower bloomed but was told he die when the last petal fell, so he found a way to outsmart the gods by having his flower turned into ivory so he would never die.  This piece is not his flower, he has that.  It is a representation of that and so that's why he is attached to this piece.

We call him Martin, but he's never really told us what his real name is. I don't think he will, so when you get this piece, it would probably just be best for you to call him Martin as well. Martin is a very powerful entity. Not only does he bring you wealth, but he also brings you something else. 

Let's talk about the wealth first, though. It's not just your typical magic pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, once and done treasure type magic. No, this magic is a wealth magic that will continue to be with you. It will stay with you and grow with you. The more you use this piece, the more the wealth magic comes alive. It search and scour the realms for every last bit of wealth that it can find for you and it does that in many forms such as new jobs, better pay, raises, casino winnings, other gambling winnings, returns on investment, the normal ways in which wealth can be incorporated into your life-- and then some!!

Now, the other magic that he brings you to is a magic of the ancient Celtic Druids. This is an ancient, occult sorcery that will allow you to tap into the ancestral druidic bloodlines. This will give you the knowledge of how to use the energies and the elements in the environment you're in (no matter where you are) to create magic and to cast spells. These are primitive and primordial spells and magic, but they are indeed very powerful because it allows you to not have to have a constant source of magic with you. It teaches you how to use what you have to create your own magic and how to make it as powerful as you wish. It truly is an amazing knowledge that you don't want to miss out on.

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