Ring Extravaganza-- The Murrano and the 72 Names of God
Ring Extravaganza-- The Murrano and the 72 Names of God

Ring Extravaganza-- The Murrano and the 72 Names of God

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In the 14th and 15th Century Spain got a hair in its you-know-what and decided that they weren't going to like the Jews anymore. They started persecuting and actually killing the Hebrew race simply because they had a different religion that they did. Yeah, guys. Way to exemplify Christianity and forgiveness. I'm sure God was happy about that. Either way, for every downside there is a silver lining. This piece is that silver lining.

When the Jews in the Iberian Peninsula were forced to either convert to Christianity or be killed, they converted to Christianity. Then, in secret, they would meet and practice their own religion. It seems as though maybe the officials in Spain at the time had maybe a little bit to be concerned about, just going off the power in this piece. It holds the powers of Kabalah that were being practiced by the Jews on the Iberian Peninsula during their persecution during those times. They started a secret society called Marrano, which was actually established well before the Spaniards began picking them off.

The purpose of Marrano was actually to develop Kabalah magic in such a way that it allowed them to completely subdue the minds of those who contested them and take over the world to establish a one world society over which they would rule using the powers of God. That didn't go over so well A.) because God didn't want it to and B.) because Jesus is the Messiah and God didn't want false religion ruling the world. Needless to say a good number of them actually converted, but a few stragglers kept practicing in secret, developing their Kabalah Magic.

Many years later, their magic still exists. It is placed into this piece after having been siphoned from the original piece that was all but ruined. This magic calls upon the 72 names of God, which are the 72 Holy Powers that he holds with him in Heaven. You will gain a divine knowledge of these 72 powers, what they are and what they can do for you when you get this piece. I'm not going to list all 72 powers, but to give you an idea of what you get I will list a few. Here it goes:
1.)White light protection
2.)White light spell casting
3.)White light sorcery
4.)The ability to shape-shift (white light only)
5.)The ability to heal
6.)The ability call upon the miracle-granting powers of Moses' Staff
7.)The ability to drive out demons
8.)The knowledge of the Ark of the Covenant
9.)The knowledge of the Holy Grail

And the list goes on and on and on...

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