Ring of Sybil
Ring of Sybil
Ring of Sybil

Ring of Sybil

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This piece is one of my most prized possessions, but I have come to the realization that the time has come that I need to pass it on to somebody who can get as much use out of this piece as I did.  
This piece came to me as a parting gift from a dear friend of mine who goes by the name Sybil Leek.  If you know of her, you probably remember her as England's, "Most Famous Witch."  Perhaps, you remember her from her days in American speaking about her antiques.  Whatever the case may be, she was more than what meets the eye.  She was deep-rooted in all that she believe and all that she took part it.  
At a very young age, my dear friend Cybil was exposed to the "old ways" by her father and grandmother.  They were very into the occult and opted to home-school Sybil, simply because if they did they could incorporate their beliefs into her education.  They often did so with the help of the very famous Aleister Crowley, with whom they were great friends.  In fact, it was Crowley that pushed the young girl to publish the several books that she has to her merit.  
It wasn't long after her home-school that she met and fell in love with her first husband, at just 16.  She married her husband, but the marriage last all of only two years.  At the age of 18, Sybil's husband died of an unexpected illness.  This is when I met Sybil. She came to live in a coven that I was also staying with at the time.  She was a very interesting person, to say the least.  She has an energy about her.  When she was happy, she'd be really happy.  However, it was never good to piss he off.  She has an arsenal of magic that she isn't afraid to use if she has to.  She's mostly peaceable, though.  
During her stay in the French Coven, it was clear to see that Sybil was the most powerful sorceress to be there, even being able to overpower those who taught magic to the others.  Thus, Sybil began to also teaching magic, in manner that was less professional and more hands-on.  During her time in France, Sybil and I became close friends, especially after I told her my story and everything that had gone on before I had come to the coven.  
Sybil didn't stay in France for very long, before she moved back to England, to an area called New Forest.  Here, she literally lived in the woods, staying with a band of Romany Gypsies who took her in as their own.  She stayed with them for around one year.  It was around this time the Sybil began taking part in the New Forest-based Horsa Coven.  Sybil eventually became a High Priestess and a member of the Nine Covens Council.  All this she accomplished while still a teenager.  
At the young age of twenty, Sybil moved back in with her family, doing nothing stranger than opening up a triad of antique shops.  Her antique shops were successful, but Sybil's landlord could handle the supposed pressure of having such a famous renter.  Sybil was constantly being asked for interviews and the media was quite antagonistic.  Her landlord eventually asked Sybil to leave.  
Following her eviction, Sybil moved to the united states to partake in a lecturing tour that was supposed to only entail her antique collecting.  Well you can pretty much put together what happened, though.  Her experience in antiques was quickly eclipsed by her connections a world of secret societies, magic, and the occult.  Sybil enjoyed speaking to enthusiastic crowd, so she remained in the United States.  
During her time in the United States, Sybil contacted me frequently, letting me know exactly was going on her life.  We met up a few times for a quick dinner.  She was always busy.  I offered her immortality a few times, but she refused to take it, telling me that it was not her destiny.  Eventually Sybil did grow older than me- in appearance.  She would jokingly call me young man.  This was just her personality .  
While in the United States, Sybil linked up with two people of prominence, the first of these being parapsychologist Hans Holzer.  The second one proved to be more of a mutual power interest.  His name was Doctor Israel Regardie, an expert in areas of Kabbalah who shared a deep interest in Aleister Crowley's Hermetic Order.  It was like a match made in Heaven.  They shared each others secrets, both growing in power and magic.  
Sybil passed away in 1982, her last days being spent in Melbourne Beach, Florida.  Not long after her passing, this piece made its way to where I was t. It is funny because it was not sent by mail.  I could not have been, Sybil had no idea where I was at, at that point it time.  Rather, one day I woke up to find this piece by my bedside with a note that said, "With Love, Sybil"  That was that.  There was nothing more and nothing less. 
The piece, of course, is the skull ring that is pictured on this listing.  It did not take long in using the piece before I realize that the powers in the piece were more than just powers.  They were the presence of Sybil herself.  They do not conjure Sybil forth, but they are what was left over of her mortal body, just in spiritual form.  Through this ring, all the magic and knowledge of Sybil's mortal body has been left behind.  
This piece encompasses more magic than the average piece.  It is literally enough magic to make your head spin, containing at least four times the amount of magic than most of the pieces that are offered here on Immortality33.com.  I am going to set out the different types of magic for you in bullet points below.  Just know that this piece is outrageously powerful and the time has come that I pass it on to the next person who can readily used it.  
-The power of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.  This power is an ancient power that was found by Aleister Crowley when he was approached by Horus in a vision.  This magic allows you to open up your inner DNA and become godlike.  It allows you to become one of the Ascended Masters and will give you enlightenment beyond all reasoning.  The reason I say this is because the Ascended Masters share a state of common existence, whereby they all live based upon the same white light energy.  This energy makes all white light powers possible.  This is how Jesus was able to do miracles and how Buddhist monks are able to channel their inner power.  It literally makes white light sorcery a cinch.  The creation of white light powers is nothing, because with this power you gain full authority of white light energy and it will create the powers that you tell it to.  Not bad for a power that drew its roots Crowley.  
-The Power of Gypsy Sorcery.  This energy is from when Sybil was staying with gypsies.  This piece, first and foremost, bring peace and harmony into your life.  It brings about an essence of balance unlike anything you've ever experienced.  This balance aligns the chakratic forces in your body and brings you full psychic awakening.  This allow you to be cleansed yourself and to pass this spiritual healing onto others.  You can cure people of their spiritual and physical maladies.  You will be able to tell the future and see into the past.  You will gain all others attributes of full psychic awakening as well.  If you can name the power, it is already yours.  
- The powers of a rootworker.  Her father and grandmother were both rootworkers.  Don't ask me how they ended up with this kind of magic, but this is what they were.  As such, these powers were instilled deep in young Sybil's core.  This item also instills this rootworking magic upon the person is wearing it. With this piece you will be able to cast an unlimited, all-powerful rootworkingspells.  These spells are super powerful and take precedence over all other spells.  What I mean by this is say somebody is under a love spell, but you want that somebody to be under your own love spell, you can cast your love spell and yours will win.  The same goes for all the other spells that you can cast using this rootworking magic and there a quite a few of them.  There are spells included for everything from awakening the dead, to summoning different types of creatures, from wealth spells, to those that will protect you and your family.  There are so many spells that in order to gain the full understanding of what this piece can do for you, you'll have to just use it.  
Again, this piece is a very rare opportunity.  It is a definitive one of a kind, because it's the only one that Sybil had to give.  If you are looking to jump-start of perfect your magic, then look no further than this piece.  I think you have found your calling!  
The piece you are getting is this unique looking green skull ring.   

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