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What was thought of as a tragedy began in 1903 in Paris. At the time it was thought to be a curse but it wasn't. It seemed that all of these people were coming in dead but all were wearing the same ring. How odd they thought! Each person who was dead was buried with the ring so what was going on?

 Later on, as it kept going on an investigation went on but it was kept very quiet. Some people were still coming in with the ring on but it wasn't everyone, it was maybe one out of 20 or something like that but trust me it was still a lot. Think about it if 1 out of 20 people coming to your morgue were all wearing the same ring you too would wonder why.

The investigation was held by those that worked in the morgue. They buried those with the ring and they were buried with the ring on. They would wait to see what would happen as they marked the ring to make sure it was the same one and not just a copy. Apparently, there is only one ring.

After one of the last burials, they sat by the grave and waited to see what would happen.  Nothing!!! Absolutely nothing! They expected to see some sort of vampire coming out of the ground or some strange supernatural event, they found nothing! Until almost morning when a man came along looking just like the one buried. He looked the three men there and asked which one got the ring next. They looked at him with mouths open not knowing what was going on. He asked again, who gets the ring. So the one guy said I do. He placed the ring on and they all left still in shock. The next day the guy that took the ring never came into work, at least not right away. The next night he showed up but he was dead and of course, he was wearing the ring.

After much investigation, it seems that the ring is a ring of immortality. You wear it and die and come back forever.  

Things we found out.

This comes from a secret club that is called the Risen Ones. The death doesn't hurt and happens at night. You may pass the ring on when you are down with it. We believe it works by collecting the energy of life and inducing that into a dead person who can then live forever.

Have we met anyone who did this?

Yes, we met one who was on the Titanic after using the ring. Today they remain 24 years old. They did not die as they were already dead and apparently can't drown either.

We met another one who works in Vegas, not in a casino and they have been around for a very long time.

They are not vampires but they do hold a supreme power of the mind and body, obviously. Supreme power is very different from supernatural magic or power as it is just what the adjective says, supreme. No room for error, no need to learn it just is. This is the ONLY one I will ever have!

 This ring is sterling silver and made when people were much smaller. You can wear it on a finger or on a chain, it all works the same way.

SPECIAL NOTE!!! I know I have many customers who don't understand what an antique or old item is or how it is marked. Not all antiques are marked sterling and this one is not. It is old and we only have the history starting in 1903 but it could be much older than that. This is sterling silver.


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