Rocket Launch, The Ultimate Transformation

Rocket Launch, The Ultimate Transformation

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This is for those who are never satisfied with one type of tansformation. The Rocket Launch is a transformation that sends you to one heck of a place. This is a place that allows you to get anything and become anything you want. ANYTHING! There is no asking or depending on anyone,you will be able to do it all yourself. Right now you think sure but there really is such a place in existence.

You may not want to come back from it , most don't but if you want to live as anything or hold any type of power or magical ability then this is for you. While many taboos exist this place removes all of them. This place most have no understanding of because most haven't been or at least don't remember going. The key is in the remembering and in getting there. 

First know what you want. Some people love the vampire transformation but many get turned down because they want to be like on TV. No one sparkles and do you really want to anyway? Seriously how many people do you want looking at you as if your some kind of alien? Some people are mental cases and no amount of transformation will help that, except this one!

Even if you are a mental case this transformation will help you! When you do the rocket launch we tell everyone no matter who you are to make sure you get full mental conditioning while there. We know many don't need it but we tell everyone only because we don't want to single anyone out. So if when we do the transformation on you, you do have issues they will be taken care of.

After fixing mental issues if you have any we move on to getting exactly what you want. If you are seeking a vampire transformation simply for immortality you no longer need to do that. Why deal with all the crap, customize exactly what you want. If vampire is it, okay fine but what if you want to live forever and hold certain abilities, you can!

One lady wanted to be a little like a bad ass angel with out the evil and hold numerous powers, we did it! One wanted the ability to transform how they looked and that was accomplished.

Whatever it is you seek can come from your own imagination and then it is done.

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