Romani Ring with Paste Stones and Phoenix: The Tefflin Code, Spiritual Activation, Acquiring Djinn Powers

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The Tefillin, while already an authentic holy ritual scroll, contains many forms of hidden knowledge that have not been accessed in quite some time. In fact, that remains true as you read this. It is estimated that they have not been awakened for at least three centuries and the holy codes themselves haven't been put to use for much longer than that. It's an ancient code of a ritual with very specific requirements, some of which can technically no longer be met due to the eradication and or extinction of certain practices of magic. The magic still exists and will likely always, but the knowledge of said magic is nonexistent. That is how old this code is.

The Hidden code opens up a gateway in the soul. It is one that is normally never accessed. In other words, for this part of you to be accessed, you must go out of your way to unlock it and make it accessible. The only way to do it is with this ritual. The reason for this is because it wasn't always that way. The gateway that I speak of is one step down from ascension. All humans are derived from a superior celestial being. If you are familiar with djinn, which you should be, then I'll use that as an example. Not because it is the only thing to compare it to but also because it is conveniently associated with what this piece does. I'll get to that part in a moment. For now, hang in there. This is important to understand why this piece is so complex and powerful.

Humans have the mental capability and hidden magic to be related to the power of djinn yet they cannot control it the same way even when they access it. It's not entirely the exact same thing but djinn stem for immortal magic that is not oppressed. They only know their power. They are created with it and they spend their entire existence molding it into the magic you are exposed to when you interact with said djinn. In other words, they are infinitely ahead of you and no matter what you ever do, on a normal basis, you could never catch up.

Now let's take a look at the Tefillin code I referenced. The code itself is one of soul activation, not to be confused with DNA activation. DNA activation just unlocks something that is literally skin deep and hiding in you on a cellular level. Soul activation is far more powerful and unlocks much more. It pulls power that you didn't know could ever exist within you. This power is ancient and heavily buried beneath thousands and thousands of generations that have otherwise polluted the bloodlines that stem down from King David. Had you been born directly beneath King David or within the first thirteen generations, this ritual wouldn't be necessary. Supernatural aid to unlock this part of you would not be necessary because the power would've been open to you as it was open to King David, his children, his children's children and so on along the 13 following generations beyond that.

Among other things, to be formed into existence, one of the core components was the practice of the now dead practice of ancient hollow alchemy. Hollow alchemy is essentially the practice and handling of entities and creatures in which you pull their existence apart and form elements with the components, all of which are heavily empowered. This piece is the conclusion of one of these rituals.

First and foremost, this piece does contain a higher djinn. After experiencing this ritual, it is referred to as an eminent djinn. You will not make use of this djinn normally. This piece allows you to align with djinn, first and foremost. In other words, despite having no knowledge or innate ability to perform hollow alchemy, you will be able to use the primal basics of it passively. You will draw the djinn from this piece and draw it into yourself where it will be pulled apart by the hollow alchemy magic. From there, you will use the power to align the components to yourself and empower you permanently.

In plain English, you will feed off of and inherit the power of djinn. You will be able to decide what you inherit and expel any components that does no interest you. As power as the djinn is, you will gain the power as well. You can even mutate the power to increase its strength and potency. You can and should do this multiple djinn - we highly recommend in order for you to get the most out of what this item does. We do not anticipate getting another one of these and this is the only one that we are offering for the time being.

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