Royal Conjuring
Royal Conjuring

Royal Conjuring

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It was the late Victorian era when when the Spiritualism movement began.  In this "new" craze talking with ghosts became all the rage.  It was no different for the queen herself.  She became infatuated with attending seances and other psychic meetings.  
When Prince Albert died in 1861, Victoria sought out a medium who could help her bring Albert back from the dead.  She knew that many spiritists were frauds, so she did her homework.  Eventually, she settled for an odd chance in one Robert James Lees.  Lees was a little boy who should have been attending school at the ripe young age of thirteen.  However, he was invited to see the queen nine times.  
The item that you are getting is one that holds the spiritual presence of Robert James Lees.  The child died a young death, after which, the queen ordered that a piece holding his powers and abilities be created.  The piece has changed over the years with his spirit being pulled from one vessel into the next a few times.  The power has remained the same.  With this piece you will be able to raise people from the dead in spirit form, to communicate with them as you would the living.  They will be at your beck an call and while you have them conjured they will be at your full command.     

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