Royal Ring of Asian Wealth
Royal Ring of Asian Wealth

Royal Ring of Asian Wealth

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We have two of these pieces.  There were originally three made, but we couldn't get our hands on the third, unfortunately.  So, we are offering what we were able to get.  These two jade bracelets were created during a blood ritual that was done by very powerful Asian sorcerers.  These sorcerers completed this process by drawing on the powers of the Jade Emporer, who is the chief of Asian deities.  He holds the spark that creates all other magic.  Thus, he holds the keys to wealth powers, as he is the one that doles them out as he sees fit.  

When you wear this piece (again there are two, but you are only getting one) it will create a ring of Royal Wealth around you.  Why is this piece called royal wealth?  It's because this power has been used for eternities to bring ancient Asian emperors their wealth.  It has given them massive amounts of land, treasure, money, and wealth in all forms.  

Obviously, this piece is not that old but the power inside of it is ancient.  It holds the spirits of the many people that it has granted wealth for.  Moreover, it holds the powers of the Jade Emperor and the wealth that he grants.  The spirits in this piece will keep you constantly inside of a circle of wealth.  It will create a vortex that will suck wealth energies from the universe.  These energies will go before you, paving your way in nothing but the best of wealth and luxury.  These pieces really are that powerful. 

Again two are pictured.  You will get one of them.  

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